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We are an experienced blockchain game development company that offers developers and gamers comprehensive solutions to create a transparent blockchain-based gaming environment. We have a full-fledged team on board to create a game of any complexity from scratch, as well as blockchain game developers ready to provide advice and offer the most rational solutions for implementation in your project.

Our Game Development Solutions

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AR/VR Gaming
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Blockchain Game Development Services

NFT Game Development

Unlock the power of NFT integrated blockchain games that offers players unique gaming experience and the chance to earn with NFTs.

Combine the power of blockchain and NFTs to build stimulating games integrated with the merits of tokenized in-game assets. We will help you build games with captivating gameplay enriched with rare digital assets which can be used on other gaming platforms to complete missions or pass levels. Gain a competitive edge in the NFT gaming industry with our business-oriented NFT game development services.

Play To Earn Game Development

Offer gamers the opportunity to monetize their gaming experience through P2E games.Our game developers will help you build engaging games with Play-to-earn gaming module that offer players a chance to monetize their gaming time. In P2E games, they can win rewards in form of tokens or valuable NFTs on successfully completing missions.

We offer customized solutions that lets platform administrators to enhance their P2E gaming platforms with latest features and functionalities.

Web3.0 Game Development

Hire our blockchain game developers to build thrilling games powered by decentralization and smart contracts.Bring next-gen web3 gaming to your TV, VR, gaming consoles, and mobile devices, with captivating narratives, stunning VFX and graphics.

As a leading web3 game development company, we are experts in building interactive gaming ecosystem backed by decentralisation, high security and 100% transparency. We offer innovative web3 game development services for businessmen to launch a high revenue generating gaming platform.

AR/VR Game Development

Build hyperrealistic blockchain games using AR & VR technologies.Our developers use AR and VR technologies to augment reality and build engaging virtual environment or superimpose digital elements in the real world for enthralling gameplay.

We are experienced in employing VR and AR tools to develop exciting blockchain games which offers users the experience of being a part of the gaming universe. Launch a sensational AR game and establish your gaming brand in the market with Blocktech Brew.

3D Game Development

Leverage the power of 3D modelling and computing to develop advance gaming environment.We offer top-notch 3D development solutions for building advanced virtual worlds and characters to enhance gaming experience.

Our 3D modelling solutions allow developers to build realistic 3D gaming universe, avatars and other elements. Hire our 3D game developers to design, develop and launch the ultimate 3D game with out-of-the-world gaming experience that will take the gaming industry by storm.

Metaverse Game Development

Create immersive metaverse gaming universe enriched with NFTs, gaming tokens and in-game collectibles.At Blocktech Brew, we help entrepreneurs design and develop immersive metaverse gaming platforms and generate revenue through in-built asset marketplaces, tokens sale, NFT minting & trading and live game streaming.

Our developers are proficient in AI, ML, VR, AR, IoT and other metaverse technologies to build realistic 3D virtual gaming environments. Tap into the promising future of metaverse with high-tech virtual gaming platform for next level sensational gaming experience.

Benefits of Blockchain Game Development

Fraud Prevention & Security

To experience the fascination of Blockchain games, players may rely on the trust mechanism of Blockchain to achieve a transparent

Enhanced Security

No one can easily change any characteristics of the network for their own profit since it eliminates the necessity for a central authority.

Game Currency

Through our Blockchain game development, gamers may earn in-game currency, this provides them allowing to play even premium versions.


We integrate your metaverse platforms with latest technologies enabling seamless interoperability and data sharing across multiple virtual worlds.

Distributed Ledgers

All other users on the system contribute to the network ledger.

Faster Settlement

In comparison to traditional banking systems, blockchain allows for quicker settlement.

Why Choose us?

As a leading Blockchain Game Development Company, Blocktech Brew helps to launch a feature-packed decentralized blockchain gaming platform on your preferred blockchain networks like Ethereum, Tron, Matic, EOS, etc. We are ace at developing Blockchain-backed games with cutting-edge gaming tools and technologies, and our support team will provide end-to-end support for the clients.

Core team of blockchain experts

Extensive metaverse & VR experience

Access to the latest technologies & resources

Customized metaverse solutions

High-end services

Business-focused approach

Budget-friendly services

Profound R&D

Agile development process

On-time delivery

Credible Support

Expertise in AR & VR

How we can help you ?

Concept Analysis

The initial and crucial step in developing a blockchain game is to formulate and evaluate its concept, encompassing the development of a storyline, artwork, and a monetization plan.

Game Wireframe Creation

During this phase, our game developers commence comprehensive planning for the game’s future. Based on the specifications and plan, the initial game wireframe is developed.

Game Design & Development

Our blockchain game designers and developers focus on enhancing its visual appeal and functionality by designing graphics, creating NFT assets, establishing an in-game economy, constructing server infrastructure, and implementing deployment.


Quality assurance analysts perform extensive testing to verify that the game is free of flaws and meets high standards. The performance and functionality of the game are then evaluated.


After the blockchain game is fully developed, we deploy it on the blockchain network. The deployment period typically ranges from a few minutes to several days, depending on the game’s size.

Technical Support

Ongoing game support and maintenance are crucial even after the game’s release. You can ask the developers to add new digital assets, game levels, and features, and make updates to keep the gaming module exciting.

Blockchain Game Development Technology Stack

Frequently Asked Questions

What is blockchain game development?

Blockchain game development is building advanced games on the blockchain network. Blockchain games give players complete control over their in-game assets and creations. Moreover, blockchain in gaming offers a high level of transparency, decentralization and security to enhance the gaming experience. The best part of blockchain gaming is that it offers players the opportunity to monetize their gaming.

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How much does it cost to build a blockchain game?

The cost of blockchain game development depends on the features integrated, UX/UI designs, tools used as well as frontend and backend development. Moreover, the kind of game you are building, its characters, gameplay and graphics will also affect the pricing.

How long does it take to build a blockchain game?

Blockchain game development might take a month or two depending on the gaming platform requirements. However, the duration will entirely depend on your business vision and goals.

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Which is the best blockchain game development company?

Blocktech Brew offers advanced blockchain game development services to build enthralling games with compelling gameplay, user-friendly controls, 3D characters and an immersive virtual environment.

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