MPC Wallet Development 

MPC Wallet Development

 Bulletproof Privacy & Security For Your Assets

 Blockctech uses cutting-edge technology with decades of experience and expertise and shares the highest level of security, privacy, and assurance with its robust MPC wallet development.
We develop non-custodial wallets using MPC cryptography to secure transactions and data altogether.


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Our MPC Wallet Development Solutions

Scarcity Is Provable

We develop feature-enhanced self-custodial MPC wallets using Multi-Party Computation (MPC) technology, allowing multiple parties to manage their digital assets securely and safely. These MPC wallets share complete control over users assets.

  • Multilayered Security
  • Tailored Solution
  • Private key regulation

Semi-Custodial MPC Wallet Development

Access the robust semi-custodial MPC wallets that share authorization for signing transactions among multiple parties or devices. These wallets divide private keys across multiple trusted parties.

  • Enhanced Privacy
  • Improved Accessibility
  • Protocol Adaptability
  • User Friendly

Custodial MPC Wallet Development

We develop custodial MPC wallets using Multi-Party Computation (MPC) technology to manage digital assets on the blockchain. These wallets access advanced cryptography to ensure private keys don’t get exposed and are secured at one location.

  • Protection against Single point of failure
  • Customized Risk Control
  • Unified multi-wallet support
  • 24/7 customer service

CBDC Blockchain Development

Our services focus on blockchain-distributed ledger technology (DLT) tailoring all bank’s requirements based on CBDCs. It makes the CBDC financial process more advanced, fast, and secure from privacy and fraud attempts.

CBDC Consulting

Our CBDC consulting service allows central banks to formulate effective CBDC strategies for Development, trust building, and implementation. Our experts analyze all kinds of outcomes associated with the CBDC launch while suggesting effective policies and strategies.

CBDC integration

Our CBDC integration services assist central banks to seamlessly integrate their existing payment infrastructure and methods with advanced CBDC launches. This process ensures that CBDCs are more effective to channel than conventional methods.

Digital Currency for Central Banks

This digital currency service is regulated by the government’s central bank. It refers to getting a legal tender for the development and deployment of the digital form of a country’s national currency.

Maximised Benefits of BDC


MPC wallet’s private keys are distributed among different parties to eliminate the risk of theft, hacking, and privacy breaches.

Data Privacy

MPC wallet preserves data security as it does not transact any sensitive information and does not even reveal it to the parties that are involved in signing.


MPC wallets are useful for attaining complex functions for signing transactions, verification, public address generation, or other accuracies.

No Single Point of Failure (SP

In MPC wallets, users cannot lose their private keys, and they cannot be hacked. If the device that stores that data breaks or loses it, it can be easily restored.


MPC Wallet offers flexible and easy asset management , enabling smooth workflows and policies. Users or wallet service providers can easily set their desired parameters for transactions.


MPC wallets allow users to add or remove parties from the protocols. The security level can be easily modified and adjusted, and performance parameters can be altered accordingly.


MPC wallets acquire global standards and regulators through anonymous identities and fund-source authentication.

User Friendliness

MPC wallets are easy to use, and they simply convert the confusing UX of traditional crypto wallets into a functional one.

Low gas fees

MPC wallets are cost-effective, and they charge lower gas fees than a standard transaction rate, no matter the number of signers.

How MPC Wallet Works?

MPC wallets function by separating traditional private keys into multiple segments and distributing them to diverse locations. The cause behind this distribution is that no one has complete authorization over private keys.
In instances where hackers want to access these shares, they will fail after collecting one or two. That’s how MPC wallets add more security to digital assets than traditional wallets.


Key Formation

The whole process of resting private and public keys inside the wallet is known as key generation. The registration of public and private keys for purse liberation is also included in it. In this manner, devices that produce private and public keys combine with other devices to develop private and public keys for MPC wallets. By using this method, access is divided among many, and privacy becomes more difficult to breach easily.



In this process, a special code is generated, which is known as a signature, by using secret codes. It also includes the message that is already mentioned, like how much money one wants to send. It’s like a fixed and confirmed stamp that can’t be altered and is going to be added to the blockchain.


Address Generation

The formation of public keys can easily be requested by any member of the signing parties. Due to this, the transaction can be easily made. The whole process is secure and safe for each participant to distribute and transact money to the MPC wallet. The way the MPC wallet distributes control among devices, the possibility of theft is eliminated.


Funds Accessibility

Like key generation, the fund can only be accessed once the requirements of the MPC wallet are satisfied. At present, the three devices are used to protect the data, which includes cryptographic systems, security measures (HSM), or other security measures.

Application Scenarios for MPC Wallets

DAOs & Organisations

MPC wallets allow secured collaboration and decision-making as multiple stakeholders can easily join the wallet and approve transactions.

Escrow Services

MPC wallets allow parties to hold and secure their private keys, featuring escrow services. It ensures that the transaction will only be finalized once the specific conditions are met.

Investment Clubs or Consortums

To enhance security measures, the MPC wallet allows inventors or groups of investors to jointly manage their investments using multi-user wallets.

Exchange & Custodial Services

MPC wallets showcase high-grade security, ensuring private keys for users are distributed and not susceptible to any single point of failure.

Blocktech’s Expertise in MPC Wallet Development

Advanced Protocols

High-Grade Security

Multiple Crypto Support

On-Time Conversion Rate

3- Factor Authentication

3D Biometric Encryption

3D Biometric Encryption

Easy Scalability

Multi Blockchain Support

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Application Scenarios for MPC Wallets

We believe in sharing excellence with all our projects. In our MPC wallet development, we utilize potential and effective algorithms like Gennaro and Goldfedger’s algorithm.

The Gennaro and Goldfedger MPC Algorithm 

Gennaro and GoldFedger are among the top-tier MPC algorithms that help protect privacy, data, and transactions made by users.

The Lindell et al. Multiparty Computation Algorithm

Lindell et al. provide a slightly lower transaction rate that needs to be signed by Gennaro and Goldfedger.

The Doerner et al. MPC Algorithm

Doerner et al.’s MPC algorithm accomplishes a threshold using just six signatures.

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Blockchain Platforms

  • Ethereum
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NFT Standards

  • ERC-721
  • FA2
  • TRC-721
  • dGoods
  • BEP-20

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  • ERC-1155
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  • React
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  • Angular

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