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  • Centralised and Decentralised wallet
  • Multi-currency crypto wallet app
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  • White Label wallet solutions
Cryptocurrency wallet app development

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Experience The Perks Of Launching Your Own Crypto Wallet App With Blocktech Brew

The cryptocurrency market has opened a bundle of opportunities for businesses to thrive. One of the prominent and most profitable ways is to build your own cryptocurrency wallet.

Launching a highly secure and user-friendly crypto wallet app in the market will help you target the huge crypto community as well as create multiple revenue streams.

Multiple revenue streams for cryptocurrency wallet app owners:
Crypto Wallet Development

Skyrocket Your Business Venture With Our
Customized Blockchain Wallet App Development Services

Being a prominent cryptocurrency wallet development company, we profess expertise in designing, developing and launching a wide array of
reliable and robust wallets apps aligned to your business goals.

  • 01

    Centralized wallet

    Offer your users a secure and user-friendly custodial crypto wallet to seamlessly store and transfer their cryptocurrencies.

  • 02

    Decentralized wallet

    We help you to build and launch a robust non-custodial wallet fortified with the latest security protocols to ensure the maximum security of your cryptocurrencies.

  • 03

    Hot wallet

    Launch online software crypto wallet apps that are user-friendly and most convenient to use for quick cryptocurrency transfers.

  • 04

    Cold Wallets

    Develop cold hardware crypto wallets to store large cryptocurrency funds with maximum security.

  • 05

    NFT wallet

    We are experts in developing top-notch and simple-to-use NFT wallets apps that ensure flawless NFT storage and trade with advanced security.

  • 06

    Defi wallet

    Build a flexible and smart contract integrated Defi wallet to securely access diverse Defi applications and services.

  • 07

    Multi-currency Wallet

    Build a feature-rich crypto wallet coded with the latest security protocols enabling users to efficiently store, transfer and manage major cryptocurrencies in one place.

Experience Our Tailored-Made
Crypto Wallet Solutions

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Mobile Wallet

Our developers are proficient in building secure crypto wallets that are fully compatible across all iOS and Android devices.

Crypto Wallet App

Desktop Wallet

Offer users a highly secure crypto wallet that smoothly functions on desktops to enable hassle-free crypto transactions on multiple platforms.

Crypto Wallet App

Chrome Extension Wallet

Launch a web crypto wallet fortified with latest security protocols to facilitate secure storage and easy transfer of cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Wallet App

Crypto Wallet App

Build a secure and reliable crypto wallet application with world-class performance and compatibility across all major devices.

Get Customized App with Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company.

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Lead The Crypto Industry With Our WhiteLabel Crypto Wallet Development Solutions

Our white label crypto wallet development is the best solution for entrepreneurs who
are looking to tap into the crypto industry quickly.

blockchain wallet development

Pre-built crypto wallet app solution
for instant market launch

blockchain wallet development

Flexible and customizable

Crypto Wallet App

Configure wallet app
functionalities as required

Crypto Wallet App

Ready-to-launch wallet solution to
reduce time-to-market

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crypto wallet app
white label crypto wallet

Unlock The Potential Of Keyless Crypto Wallet Apps

At Blocktech Brew, we offer a solid solution to your private key issues and concerns. We successfully develop efficient crypto wallets applications secured
with facial recognition feature to verify and authenticate account access which eliminates the need for keys.

Keyless crypto wallet app working mechanism:
  • Our keyless wallet solution functions by dividing the private key into two mathematically concealed shares


  • One share is kept on the
    admin server.


  • Second share is stored on the
    user’s device.


  • The wallet app binds the key on the user’s device with facial recognition feature.


  • To access the crypto wallet app, users have to verify both the shares of the key


Brace Yourself With The Next Generation Of Keyless Crypto Wallets Developed By The Industry Experts

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Exclusive Features Of Our Cryptocurrency Wallet

Leverage our crypto wallet development company to integrate your wallet app with distinct features for world-class performance
enabling faster and more secured crypto transactions

cryptocurrency wallet development company

In-Chat Transactions

The in-built chat functionality lets users exchange crypto assets with no limit restrictions. Plus, there is no need of switching to an external crypto exchange platform.

cryptocurrency wallet development company

Cross Chain Compatibility

Our crypto wallets come with cross chain compatibility that allows users to interact with major blockchain networks.

Crypto Wallet App

Top Notch Security

Our developers use institutional grade security protocols to ensure maximum security of your crypto funds, assets, transactions and users’ data.

Crypto Wallet App


The swapping feature allows you to securely and seamlessly swap your cryptocurrencies.

Create Crypto Wallet App

Multi-Currency Support

Our wallet development solutions provide support for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other tokens facilitating seamless multi-coin storage and management.

Create Crypto Wallet App

Automated Conversions

The automated feature allows users to instantly convert cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies.

cryptocurrency wallet development company

KYC/AML Verification

The legitimate use of crypto solutions saves you from huge financial losses. That’s why we have incorporated our solution with a geography-based KYC verification process.

cryptocurrency wallet development company

User Privacy

Our custodial end-to-end white label crypto wallet replaces the private keys with independently crafted mathematical secret shares. This strengthens crypto security.

cryptocurrency wallet development company

Buy Crypto with Credit Card

Our crypto wallet enables users to buy different cryptocurrencies using a credit card without hampering the secured online payment experience.

cryptocurrency wallet development company

QR Code Scanner

Skip the hassle of copying or entering the wrong crypto address. Eliminate these struggles with an automatic QR code scanner entering all required details in seconds.

cryptocurrency wallet development company

NFC Support

Near field communication promotes the swift exchange of crypto assets between two users. All the users need is to tap on the NFC tag to share details.

cryptocurrency wallet development company

Auto Rejection Of Duplicate Payments

The solution is developed smartly to let it detect and deny duplicate payments to avoid chargebacks.

Crypto Wallet App

Home Screen Customizations

Sail through all cryptocurrencies and toggle them to amend in your home screen page, whenever required. It’s just that simple!

Crypto Wallet App

Multiple Payment Gateways

We integrate our crypto wallet app with multiple payment options to make it easier for users to transact or pay using credit, debit, internet banking or other payment options.

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Crypto Wallet App

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Crypto Wallet App Solutions

  • Wallet App Development

    High Security & Encryption

  • Wallet App Development

    Instantaneous Transactions

  • Create Crypto Wallet App

    Easy Transfers

  • Create Crypto Wallet App

    User-Friendly Crypto Wallet App

  • blockchain wallet development

    Highly Scalable

  • blockchain wallet development

    Customizable Features

  • cryptocurrency wallet development company

    Multi-Layer Security

  • cryptocurrency wallet development company

    Fiat Support

  • cryptocurrency wallet development company

    Rigorous Testing Procedure

  • cryptocurrency wallet development company

    Glitch Free Performance

cryptocurrency wallet development company

Reap The Benefits Of Our
Crypto Wallet App Solutions

We have an experienced and qualified team of developers who have proficiency in developing robust
cryptocurrency wallets that meet your business expectations.

Crypto Wallet App
  • Business & Technical Analysis

    Market research Project ideation Discuss client requirements Outlining project specifications
  • Wallet App Development

    Integrating features Integrating features Outline UI/UX designs Get client feedbacks
  • Develop Smart Contracts

    Integrate smart contracts Automate wallet app functionalities Smart contract auditing Smart contract testing
  • Wallet App Testing

    Test wallet app for bugs Resolve bugs and errors Ensure zero downtime Test wallet performance
  • Wallet App Deployment

    Wallet App Deployment Offer Technical support Provide timely upgrades Technical Maintenance
  • Architecture Designing

    Design the blueprint of the wallet app Streamline wallet functionalities Integrate data storage Frontend & backend development
Wallet App Development

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cryptocurrency wallet?

A cryptocurrency wallet is a software that allows you to securely store and transfer your cryptocurrencies. It is a digital wallet that safeguards your private keys and protects your crypto funds from theft.

How can I build a wallet like MetaMask?

You can build a non-custodial and user-friendly wallet like MetaMask by leveraging our crypto wallet development services. We have an expert team of developers who can design and build reliable and efficient crypto wallets as well as customize the features as per your needs.

What is the difference between a custodial and a non-custodial wallet?

A custodial crypto wallet is a centralized digital wallet hosted by third parties where the control of your private keys is with them. The third-party stores your private keys on their online servers.

A non-custodial crypto wallet is a wallet where the custody of your private keys is with you. The third party only provides you with software assistance. They have no control or authority over your private keys. A non-custodial crypto wallet also known as a decentralized wallet of two types – hot wallets and cold wallets.

Why are keyless wallets so popular?

Keyless wallets eliminate the hassle of storing and remembering your private keys. Keyless wallets have additional layers of security which safeguard your account and funds with biometric authentication and facial recognition features.

What is the cost of building a crypto wallet?

The cost of building a crypto wallet depends on the type of wallet you need and the features you wish to integrate into it. However, a white-label crypto wallet solution is far more cost-effective than building a wallet from scratch.

Blocktech Brew offers cost-effective customized crypto wallet development services. Talk to our experts today!

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