AI is changing cricket, from on-field calls to team strategies and training. Here's how... 


Decision Review System: AI analyzes multiple examples of ball tracking to help off-field umpires review on-field decisions like LBW, etc. 

Coaching: AI can help narrow many variables in cricket to a few, which can help with coaching, talent scouting, and player selection. 

Strategy: AI can help improve strategy by formulating bowling strategies for certain batters and conditions. 

AI machines: These machines can be programmed to mimic the bowling style of any international bowler, allowing batters to practice against specific types of deliveries they are likely to face in upcoming matches. 

Match outcome prediction: AI can help accurately predict match results by analyzing and considering factors like pitch field and weather. 

Player performance: AI can analyze video replays and biomechanical insights to improve player performance and help predict injuries. 

Fan experiences: AI can revolutionize fan experiences by customizing his experience around his favorite team or team players. 

Wearable technology: AI can collect in-game biometric information to help players improve their performance and recovery. 

AI has come so far in the field of Cricket, and almost every startup and established business now seeks AI integration into their existing cricket business, whether it be an app or a website.

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