Did you know AI was first used in Video Games in 1951? 


Use of Artificial Intelligence in Gaming AI has been used in various video games since 1951, like checkers, chess, and Nim. As a theory, AI emerged in video games worldwide in 1997, when IBM's Deep Blue computer program defeated Garry Kasparov.  

How is artificial intelligence used in gaming? Artificial intelligence (AI) improves games and gameplay by making character interactions more realistic.

Simulations:  AI lets game developers make virtual worlds by simulating intelligent behavior in non-player characters (NPCs). 

Procedural Content Generation (PCG): AI algorithms generate game content dynamically, such as landscapes, levels, and missions.

Usages Of Behavior Selection Algorithm In-game artificial intelligence selects behaviors or actions for one or more non-player characters.

Image Enhancements: They are used to enhance the images and transform the 3-D images into real-life photos. It also improves video game graphics, which directly enhances game playing. 

Data Mining: Data mining helps a lot in understanding players' behavior. It helps in finding how people perform actions at certain game steps and which parts people used to play. 

Future of AI in Gaming AI opens the door to new game technologies like AR, VR, and Mixed Reality. AI algorithms can make adapting to and interacting with these environments easier.