Exploring the Impacts of Using AI in Cybersecurity 

AI is transforming almost every business, including cyber security.  

What is Artificial Intelligence in CyberSecurity?

AI helps you understand networks and detect threats faster. AI can spot suspicious and harmful activity like a zero-day attack in massive data sets. 

Previous Method of Cybersecurity tracks behavior and matches it with the Current Database of threats known to them. However, attackers can still modify their behaviors and codes, bypassing detectors and resulting in Exploits.

Why is AI Needed in CyberSecurity?

How is AI different from the conventional Approach?

Ai Learns through Data-Sets and Patterns; instead of relying on Current databases and manual feeding, it can automatically identify and eliminate cybersecurity threats.

How Ai Can be Used in CyberSecurity?

Ai can be used extensively in:  Malware Detection  Phishing Detection Security Log Analysi Network Security Endpoint Security

Benefits of AI in Cybersecurity Landscape

Since AI can operate and analyze a Large amount of Data, it isn't humanly possible. This results in increased efficiency in Detecting cyberattacks, improving accuracy, reducing costs, and improving the overall scalability of the operation

In Short: 

Shall we use AI for Cybersecurity? My answer is Yes; We definitely should implement AI in cybersecurity because the pros of implementing AI far exceed its Cons.