World Coin uses WorldOrb for user digital verification. Similar to fingerprints, the Worldcoin Orb is a biometric imaging device that is used to establish the unique identification of each individual using iris scanning. It creates personal and secured identification codes for a unique identity.

World Coin allows users to access the global economy. The Worldcoin project was created to establish global equality and equal financial opportunity. Proceeding with the idea, Worldcoin is building the world’s largest financial network that will share easy access and ownership with all.

WorldCoin is a self-custodial, decentralized network for all This platform is designed for all humans. It doesn't discriminate based on the identity, nationality, or financial status of the individual. With the help of this mechanism, it would be easy to differentiate between humans and bots.

WorldCoin maintains equity while resource distribution As World Coin follows an open-source, decentralized proof of personhood protocol, it extends the same benefits to each user globally. World IDs are used to distribute access to created value using universal standardized income.

By 2025, the Worldcoin Whitepaper projects a scaling up of Worldcoins According to Worldcoin’s whitepaper, 3.5 billion tokens will be unlocked by its launch and by the end of the year (3 post-launch). Worldcoin’s price is estimated to be low at $3.8 and rise to 5.2 by the end of 2025.