Midjourney Ai is Getting a Dedicated website, moving away from Discord Soon. Debuts the Industry with Midjourney Alpha

Midjourney is among the Best AI image and art generators across the Web. Recently Midjourney has Announced an Alpha version of their dedicated Website: https://alpha.midjourney.com/explore

Midjourney Alpha is Currently available to previous users only who have generated over 10000 images approximately

Switch to a Dedicated Website brings down Midjourney’s biggest drawback yet i.e., their UI, which was difficult to understand for beginners and complex to use even for Professionals

Several previous users have shared their experience with Midjourney Alpha on Twitter, and it seems Great Some of the Feedback are :

Ann: Just explored the new Midjourney alpha website - clear UI, amazing search & scroll! My images are in a whole new light, so much better than Discord. "Use prompt" & "Use image" features are game-changers for quick experimentation with public prompts & references

Curry Amber: It seems to getting better and better.💥 Just check the already make more than 30k picture in MJ. Midjourney Alpha Test

Heather Coopers: Image generation is finally available on Midjourney Alpha if you have 10k generations. You don't need to enter most parameters, like aspect ratio or stylization. Click your choices or use the slider on the menu. It's incredibly easy to use

Apart from these, there are also major changes with the functionalities like no need to add aspect ratio manually with the help of the slider function and other major UI changes as well.

Midjourney Platform is also working on a Midjourney mobile app for iOS and Android, which will allow users to generate images with voice prompts as well as by writing text