What is TOKEN2049? 

TOKEN2049 is one of the leading global crypto events, held annually in Singapore and Dubai.

It brings together key figures in the crypto and Web3 space, including founders, executives, investors, developers, enthusiasts, and media to discuss the latest trends and insights.

TOKEN2049 focuses on building connections and facilitating collaborations within the crypto community. 

Why Does TOKEN2049 Matter? 

Shaping the Industry: The conversations and ideas discussed at TOKEN2049 contribute to shaping the future direction of the crypto and Web3 ecosystem. Education and Awareness: The event promotes greater understanding and awareness of blockchain technology and its potential applications. Business Opportunities: It presents promising opportunities for business development, partnerships, and investment within the crypto sector.

TOKEN2049 Features 


Keynote Speakers: High-profile industry figures deliver presentations and share their perspectives. Panel Discussions: Experts engage in discussions about a wide range of relevant topics within blockchain and crypto.

Expand North Star 2023 will be held at the iconic Dubai Harbour from 15th to 18th October 2023. The event aims to unite founders, venture capitalists, tech leaders, and ecosystem enablers from around the globe.

Workshops and Masterclasses: Educational sessions aimed at enhancing crypto knowledge and skills. Networking Events: Numerous opportunities to build connections and partnerships with relevant people. Exhibitor Booths: Projects and companies showcase their latest products and services.