September 1, 2022

10 Tips to Leverage the White Label Nft Marketplace

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NFTs have become a sensation in the digital realm. What once was considered worthless driven by hype, is now transforming major sectors of our life. After adding value to the digital assets, NFTs are now revolutionising other sectors including the conventional art market, real estate, gaming industry, music, entertainment and fashion industries.

The global NFT market in 2021 was estimated to be $41 billion. According to market statistics, the NFT market increased by 20x between 2020 to 2021. Experts predict that the global NFT market may surpass the crypto market in the coming years.

Observing the immense growth of NFTs and their market boom, businesses are looking forward to entering the NFT space. With the growth of NFTs, the need for an efficient NFT marketplace is also emerging.

As an entrepreneur, it is the best time to tap into the NFT market by building a robust, secure and feature-rich NFT marketplace. Leverage our white label NFT marketplace development services to size the million-dollar business opportunity.

What is a White Label NFT marketplace?

The competition in the NFT space is high. When the competition is stiff, you would not want to waste your time. However, you will also not want to launch a dubious NFT marketplace that will ruin your impression in the market. 

In these cases, a ready made white label NFT marketplace solution is the best option for you. 

White label NFT marketplaces are customizable and ready-to-launch platforms embedded with high-end features and the latest technologies for world-class performance. 

Instead of wasting your time in developing an NFT marketplace from scratch, white label solutions help you configure the features and functionalities of the readymade platform to launch it instantly. 

In simple words, the white label NFT marketplace is a pre-built and rigorously tested platform where users can mint, sell and buy digital assets. You can also add other features to your NFT platforms like an in-built wallet, digital auction houses, NFT categories, cross-chain support and much more. The more user-friendly features you have on your NFT marketplace, the more convenient it will be for the users. 

Launching a secure NFT marketplace with user-friendly automated tools and features will help you establish your authority in the NFT market. 

Cut down your time-to-market with our ready-to-launch white label NFT marketplace development services. We can help you build an NFT marketplace platform that’s loaded with cutting-edge technologies, advanced features, NFT infrastructure and utilities to attract NFT creators and buyers worldwide. 

Key Features Of White Label NFT Marketplace

To launch an efficient NFT marketplace, you must ensure that it includes all key features. Here are some of the prominent features that we integrate into your NFT marketplace platform.

User Interface

You should keep the UI/UX design of your NFT marketplace simple to use and responsive. A complicated user interface will upset the NFT creators and buyers as they face difficulty in navigating through the platform.


API plays a crucial role in your NFT marketplace platform. It is a coded program that is responsible for keeping your platform software up-to-date. You must include API integration support in your NFT marketplace to enable software developers to seamlessly add, remove or configure platform features anytime.


Your white label NFT marketplace must include an in-built wallet. By integrating a crypto wallet on your platform, you are in a way offering users a safe environment to carry out transactions on the platform.


You must include a dashboard section in the user profile on your NFT marketplace. The dashboard allows NFT creators to get meaningful insights.

Admin Panel

The Admin panel feature is important for you as the platform’s owner. It helps you to track the platform’s performance and efficiently manage the users and operations on the platform.


You should go for an attractive storefront for your marketplace. An appealing storefront that showcases prominent features of your marketplace will lure in NFT enthusiasts. It is the platform visitors that convert into users and an engaging storefront will do the trick.


The in-house digital auction feature brings NFT creators, buyers and collectors on one platform. It makes the whole process of NFT selling, bidding and buying easy and smooth.


To gain the trust of your users, you should offer them a highly secure NFT marketplace integrated with DDOS, CSRF, SSRF and other security protocols. These security features will avoid cyber attacks, data thefts and other risks.

Other premium features that you should add to your NFT marketplace platform are:

  • NFT categories
  • NFT ranking
  • Browse NFTs
  • User profiles
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Cross-chain support

Benefits Of White Label NFT Marketplace

When you are using white label solutions to create your NFT marketplace platform, there is a bundle of benefits that comes with it.

Have a look at some of the key benefits of getting our white label NFT marketplace development services:

  • Customizable features
  • Easy deployment
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Smart contract integrated
  • High scalability
  • Ready to launch solution
  • Instant market entry
  • Smart contract audited
  • Top-notch security
  • Rigorously tested platform

How White label NFT marketplace differs from others?

Who would want to wait months to build and launch an NFT marketplace when you can get it ready in a week?

Entrepreneurs are always in a hurry to launch their platforms and start generating revenue. When they see an opportunity in the market, they want to grab it instantly. If they wait long, someone else might surpass them.

That is why businesses often go for white label NFT marketplace development services to instantly launch their platform.

But how it is different from developing an NFT marketplace from scratch?

Let us understand the difference in detail below:

Ready to launch solution

You will be surprised to know that developing an NFT marketplace from scratch can take 1 year. But white label NFT marketplace solutions will get your platform ready in just a few weeks.

Low development cost

You will have to invest huge sums of money to build an NFT marketplace from scratch. Sometimes the development costs increase with time. The cost also increases if you wish to customize the platform with premium features, functionalities and additional security layers.

However white label NFT marketplace is a cost-effective solution where you get the complete package in your budget. The NFT marketplace already includes all the latest features and multi-layer security protocols. Moreover, you can add or configure the features and tools anytime as per your needs.


White label NFT marketplace solutions offer you a user-friendly NFT platform without any restrictions. You can configure the code, programs and functionalities of the platform easily whenever you need. Moreover, you can even add, remove or modify the existing features.

Extensively tested

The ready made NFT marketplace platform is rigorously tested to identify any errors or bugs in the platform. The developers sort out the issues and fix them quickly to deploy the platform quickly.

Security layer

The white label NFT Marketplace uses security measures like SSL striping and DDoS to stop server outages and intrusions. E2E and 2F authentication are applied to boost the NFT market’s security.

10 Things To Consider For White Label NFT Marketplace Development

You need a fully functional, efficient and robust NFT marketplace platform to make your name in the NFT market. It is crucial for the growth of your platform as well as business in the NFT space.

Here are 10 important factors that you must consider before getting white label NFT marketplace development services.

  1. You must select a scalable blockchain network to build your NFT platform. You can consider Cardano, BSC, Polkadot, Ethereum, Solana and other blockchain networks.
  2. Secondly, you must integrate elite and user-friendly features into your NFT marketplace.
  3. You should also keep the security of your platform on priority. Integrate institutional grade security features like SSL integration, KYC/AML authentication, DDOS, CSRF, SSRF and other features.
  4. You should also build a user-friendly and simple interface with an attractive UX design to lure in the NFT users.
  5. Integrated your platform with automated pre-coded smart contracts for 100% decentralization and smooth operations on the platform.
  6. You should also integrate the Interplanetary File System (IPFS) into your platform. It securely stores the NFTs visible on the trading platform as well as the users’ data in the blockchain repository.
  7. You must rigorously test your NFT platform for any kind of error or bugs that damage the performance and efficiency of the platform. Once you sort out the issues you should start resolving them as soon as possible.
  8. Your NFT marketplace must have multiple payment gateways to allow users to seamlessly transact on the platform as per their payment preferences.
  9. You should opt for an NFT platform that is compatible with multiple blockchain networks. It ensures that users can trade NFTs built on major blockchain networks instead of one.
  10. Your NFT marketplace must have an in-built digital auction house where NFT creators can easily list their collections for sale. It will also allow buyers to explore unique NFTs, bid and buy them.


White Label NFT marketplace solutions enable you to enter the NFT market instantly. It is a customizable market-ready solution that lets you launch your NFT marketplace within a week. 

Leverage our white label NFT marketplace development services to build your NFT marketplace and kickstart your business. 

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