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We are pioneers in building robust decentralized metaverse platforms curated to meet your specific business requirements. Build reliable metaverse platforms fortified with responsive UX/UI design, automated smart contracts and advanced features for world-class performance.


Dive Into Trillion Dollar
Metaverse Market With Us

Companies are rapidly launching metaverse platforms to skyrocket their growth. Greyscale predicts the metaverse as a $1 trillion revenue generation opportunity. Credit to the immense potential of the metaverse combined with its craze and popularity among people, entrepreneurs are looking forward to entering this new era and capitalising.

With years of technical experience and a qualified team of developers, we have the right resources to design, develop and expedite your metaverse journey.

Premium Benefits Of
Decentralized Metaverse Platforms

Blessing For Healthcare

Combine the craze of NFTs with the 3D virtual world of the metaverse and unfold the immense potential of two futuristic technologies. Our Metaverse NFT development solutions are targeted at revolutionizing the metaverse with non-fungible tokens to open new avenues of trading and revenue generation.

Revolutionising Gaming

Metaverse offers next-level gaming with the merits of monetizing and ownership rights of in-game assets to gamers.

Music & Entertainment

Metaverse is empowering the artists with Music NFTs and virtual concerts generating multiple income sources and creating an ecosystem for musicians and music producers.


Offer the realistic experience of being virtually present which is a godsend grant for professionals employed in various sectors.


Fashion brands are launching their virtual stores, exclusive collections as NFTs and virtual products on metaverse. Experience the next-level of virtual fashion on metaverse.

Digitalizing Real
Estate Sector

Leveraging the unique features of real estate tokenization and fractional ownership, metaverse real estate NFTs are digitizing the sector by making it decentralized, efficient and transparent.

Experience Virtual

Metaverse will make it possible for you to virtually explore the beauties of the world giving you a realistic experience of being physically present.

Unfold The Potential Of Metaverse

Metaverse is a highly immersive 3D virtual world mirroring the experiences of real life. This futuristic technology that was once considered a concept in science fiction novels and movies is coming to reality. If not too late, the metaverse has already entered our world transforming our lives.

In the coming days of web 3.0, the third generation of the internet, metaverse will play a crucial role in real estate, entertainment, music, fashion, gaming and social media sectors.

Lead your business into the future by leveraging the exceptional benefits of our decentralized metaverse platform services.

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The Virtual World

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Our Platter Of
Decentralized Metaverse Platform Services


Dapp Development

We develop reliable and cross-platform compatible metaverse Apps with
maximum scalability for world-class efficiency and performance.


Smart Contract Development

Our developers build robust and self-executable smart contracts to streamline
and automate blockchain metaverse activities.


UI/UX Development

our creative designers and developers collectively develop responsive and user-friendly
platform designs for an immersive and engaging experience.



We integrate your metaverse platforms with latest technologies enabling seamless
interoperability and data sharing across multiple virtual worlds.


Payment Gateways

To ensure secure and smooth transactions in multiple crypto and fiat currencies,
we develop and integrate the metaverse platform with multiple payment gateways.


Oracle Implementation

Our Oracle development and implementation services facilitate metaverse smart contracts
operations with on-chain and off-chain data sources and APIs.


Cross Chain Compatibility

Our developers enhance the performance of your metaverse platform by configuring it with cross-chain
compatible protocols for smooth interoperability across multiple blockchain networks.


Wallet Integration

Our team integrates your metaverse platform with highly secure crypto wallet
for secure storage and transfer of cryptocurrencies, NFTs and to ensure smooth flow of funds in the ecosystem.



Elevate users’ virtual experience by incorporating tools that enable them to smoothly
teleport their online avatars from one virtual space to another.


Configurable Avatars

Fortify your metaverse platform with cutting-edge tools that facilitate users to
customize their online avatars as per their personality and preference.


Trade Lands

Our developers integrate your metaverse platforms with the latest protocols that
allow users to buy and sell NFT lands, build properties and rent them.



We incorporate efficiently designed and developed storefront on your metaverse to enhance the
capabilities of the marketplace and attract users.

Decoding Metaverse Market Predictions

The changes the metaverse will bring will be revolutionary and Avant-grade. Observing the limitless possibilities the metaverse presents, the experts predict that the global metaverse market will hit $42 billion. Another astonishing statistical data predicts that metaverse revenue will hit the $800 billion mark by 2024 in the global business sector.

Grab the million-dollar opportunity by launching your own metaverse platform enhanced with our paramount metaverse decentralized platform services for high proficiency and performance.

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Bullets That Ensure Your Partnership With Us

We are the frontiers in developing solutions that project innovation. At Dappbrew, we are the trendsetters in developing sophisticated decentralized Metaverse platforms that meet your business needs. We analyze and understand the bottom line of our clients’ requirements to deliver pragmatic metaverse platform services.

Blocktech Brew envisions enhancing your metaverse platform to kickstart your business venture in the digital realm.

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    Core team of blockchain experts

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    Extensive metaverse knowledge & experience

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    Access to the latest technologies & resources

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    Customized metaverse solutions

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    High-end services

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    Business-focused approach

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    Budget-friendly services

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    Profound R&D

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    Agile development process

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    On-time delivery

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    Credible Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I invest in Blockchain development?

If you are not sure- if blockchain is the right technology for your business, leave it to us. Our team of experts will analyze the feasibility of blockchain use for your company and provide you with an optimum solution.

What are your top Blockchain app development tools?

Being proficient with all tools & technologies that need to go into making your blockchain product successful, we make a great choice. Few technologies we regularly employ include Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Indy, Ethereum, Stellar, Corda, etc.

How can I find the right Blockchain development company?

When looking for the best blockchain development company, you need to delve into the right blend of experience & expertise. With Blocktech Brew, not just do you get the best blockchain development services but an end-to-end growth approach required to make your business successful.

Any prerequisites to developing a Blockchain solution?

If your business needs more trust and transparency, blockchain has your answer. For more details, connect to our experts now.

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