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Highlights of Cryptocurrency Development


Bitcoin, the world's first and largest cryptocurrency, facilitated peer-to-peer transactions and revived the intelligent technology of blockchain. Though Bitcoin faced resistance at first, it slowly gained momentum in the global financial world.

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Altcoins are also known as alternative coins that are established from scratch or as a fork of another project. They are essentially enhanced versions of earlier projects. There are two kinds of forks: hard forks and soft forks.

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Stablecoins are a type of cryptocurrency whose value is pegged to another currency, commodity, or financial instrument. By pegging its value to the other currency or commodity, stablecoins aim to avoid the high volatility of cryptocurrencies.

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Tokens are built on an existing blockchain. They do not have their own blockchain. They are produced using a common token generation standard and distributed through Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and Security Token Offerings (STOs), which are essentially new project crowdfunding platforms.

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Harness Blockchain Technology To Build Your Own Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies brought about a revolution in the financial world with their innovative, secure and efficient use cases. The Web 3.0 era is the time of digital currencies which has introduced the world to secure, cheaper and faster transactions with global accessibility.

Witnessing the potential of cryptocurrencies and its booming market, financial firms, businesses and entrepreneurs are looking forward to capitalising on this golden opportunity.

If you are one of those businesses aspiring to create your own digital currency, we are here to make your crypto business a success.

Tap into the multi-billion crypto market with our robust cryptocurrency development services.


Top-Notch Services of Our Coin Development Company

As a top-tier crypto coin development company, we assist you in creating and launching powerful crypto coins. From its conceptualization, creation and deployment our developers master every step to take your business on a journey to success.


Crypto Mining Services

Our team is well-equipped with the newest technological tools, hardware, and software to help firms create and validate cryptocurrency.


Smart Contract Development

We implement smart contracts using cutting-edge techniques to ensure automated, secure, and verifiable transactions between the parties.


ICO development

We are here to provide you with high-tech solutions at every stage, from conceptualization to design, development, launch, and maintenance of crypto coins or tokens.


White Paper Consultation

Our expertise enables us to assist you in building your brand through the creation of a white paper that effectively communicates your company's mission to readers.


Fork Existing Blockchain Protocol

We use clever forking techniques to construct a whole new protocol with unique guidelines and use cases by forking the existing blockchains.


Token Development

As the best token development company, we assist in creating unique tokens based on token standards such as ERC20, ERC1400, ERC721, ERC1155, ERC223, ERC777, BEP20, BEP1155, TRC10, TRC20, TRC721 and much more.


Custom Blockchain Development

Our developers are proficient in creating customized blockchain networks through forking to unlock the maximum benefits of blockchain technology for your business.


STO Development

We offer reliable STO development services that includes token designing, development and launch helping you to raise funds from investors across the globe.


Smart Contract Development

Our team is experienced in developing and employing pre-coded smart contracts on multiple blockchain networks like Ethereum, Tron, EOS etc.


Cryptocurrency Consulting Services

With the help of our skilled and knowledgeable subject experts, we offer cryptocurrency consultation services for developing crypto coins, altcoins, tokens, crypto wallet, smart contracts and much more.

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Elite Features That Make Our
Cryptocurrency Development Services Exceptional

At Blocktech Brew, we offer result-driven crypto coin or altcoin development services embedded with cutting-edge features and automated
tools to help you tap into the flourishing crypto market.

  • Flexible and customizable features


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    Fractionalisation Of
    Larger Assets

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    Automated SEC

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    Secure Crypto

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    Capital Investment

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    Higher Market

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    No Middlemen

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    Secure Blockchain


Get Our Exceptional Expertise In
Cryptocurrency Hash Algorithms

We have an exceptional team of developers and subject experts who profess
years of experience and expertise in diverse cryptocurrency mining hash algorithms
to create secure and efficient crypto coins.

  • SHA256
  • X11
  • X13
  • SHA-3
  • X15

An Insight Into Our Cryptocurrency & Altcoin
Development Solutions

Being a prominent crypto coin development company, we profess expertise in designing, developing and launching a wide array of reliable and robust wallets apps aligned to your business goals.

  • 01

    Cryptocurrency Creation

    We help businesses and enterprises to build multi features laced crypto coins with institutional grade security.

  • 02

    Smart Contract Auditing

    Our developers build, integrate and audit secure pre-programmed smart contracts as per the requirements of your business for efficient functioning.

  • 03

    Lightning Network Development

    At Blocktech Brew, we are experienced in building open protocol layer that enables blockchain networks and smart contracts to facilitate fast, seamless and secure transactions.

  • 04

    Sidechain Development

    We develop an efficient side chain linked to blockchain to securely store all your Dapp data without any altercation.

  • 05

    New Consensus & Algorithm Development

    Our team is expert in creating blockchain networks based on new consensus algorithms with the aim to achieve scalability and reliability.

  • 06

    Smart Bot Development

    We develop smart trading bots powered with sophisticated technologies to enable users to transfer or exchange cryptocurrencies on Telegram, Discord or Slack bot.

  • 07

    Micro payment Development

    With our micro-payment development solution to enable users to buy and sell goods and services with cryptocurrencies.

  • 08

    Asset Tokenization

    We will help you tokenize your assets and issue custom built security tokens which are digitally backed by real world assets.

  • 09

    Initial Coin Offering

    We offer complete Initial Coin Offering solutions which are tailored to meet your business needs.

Token Development Services

Our blockchain experts use agile development methodologies and cutting-edge technologies to
create tokens that tokenize your assets and increase your revenue.

Security Token Development

Gain competitive edge over in the market and quickly raise funds to
support your ventures with security tokens.


Utility Token Development

Attract investors in ICO and seize market opportunities with
secure and multi-purpose utility tokens.


NFT Development

Tokenize your digital assets like videos, real estate, music, in-game items,
art and much more with our NFT development services.


Equity Token Development

Get the most of the fundraising opportunity by leveraging our
equity token development services.


Launch Your Own Digital Currency With An Experienced Coin Development Company

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Roadmap Of Our
Coin Development Process

White Paper Creation

Our team formulates technical and well-researched whitepaper outlining your project’s development roadmap, finances, future goals and objectives.

Development Phase

We develop, integrate and implement algorithms, hash values, wallet creation, block explorer etc.

Launch & Marketing

We employ comprehensive marketing strategies to launch your cryptocurrency in the market.


Planning & Execution

Our experts understand your project needs to review and analyse blockchain algorithms, mining set up, forking and other development steps.

Technical Design Phase

We finalize technical design that includes wallet setup, connecting nodes and much more.

Testing & Deployment

Our cryptocurrency development team rigorously tests, identifies and resolves bugs while ensuring smooth functioning and performance of smart contracts, nodes and other features.

Technology Stack

  • Avalanche


  • Solana


  • Ethereum


  • BSC


  • Matic


  • Cardano


Join Hands With An Experienced Crypto Coin Development Company

Our skilled cryptocurrency software engineers with years of experience are proficient in offering clients specialised token development services. To help you mark your presence in the cryptocurrency market, we incorporate dynamic elements like adaptability, tradability, and substitutability.

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    Extensive metaverse knowledge & experience

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    Access to the latest technologies & resources

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    Customized metaverse solutions

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    High-end services

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    Business-focused approach

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