What Is Real Estate Tokenisation?

Real Estate tokenisation is a secure and innovative way of fundraising that enables property owners and businesses to raise funds making it a great investment opportunity for investors as well.

In the modern business world, property owners issue tokens that represent shared ownership of the property. Investors who buy these tokens become partial owners of their respective assets. These real estate tokens are built over the blockchain network. Therefore, the token as well as the data on the token are secure and hack-proof.

To “Tokenize” simply means to convert the value of any asset into digital tokens that represent individual ownership or shared ownership of the specific asset.

We offer all-inclusive tokenisation services with accurate auditing and regulatory compliance to enhance your business growth. Our developers employ cutting-edge blockchain technology and the latest protocols to facilitate smooth real estate tokenisation avoiding any hindrance in the way to your business success.

Tap Into The Future With
Real Estate Tokenisation

The global real estate market reaches a whopping number of $280 trillion. Blockchain technology is now revolutionising the real estate industry by making it globally accessible, more transparent, secure and decentralized.

In this digital era, real estate tokenisation is attracting investors due to increased liquidity, efficiency, security and globalisation. At Block Tech Brew we have a highly skilled team offering a comprehensive range of real estate tokenisation services. We implement automated tools and the latest technologies that simplify the token development process making your business venture successful.

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Decoding The Types Of Real Estate Tokenisation

Unravel the different categories of real estate tokenisation.


Commercial Real Estate Tokenisation

Ownership of commercial properties is tokenized with an audited fractionalisation logic following all regulations and standards.

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Residential Real Estate Tokenisation

Offer investors a share of premium properties around the world for maximum returns and capital gains.

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Single Real Estate Tokenisation

Raise funds for your other business projects by tokenising your single real estate property to reduce liquidity premiums by 20%.

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Trophy Real Estate Tokenisation

Liquidate your trophy assets by tokenising the real estate properties to raise funds for your projects in a secure way.

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How Does
Real Estate Tokenisation Work?

Let us assume you have a property worth $30 million which you are looking to tokenize. The tokenisation system allows you to divide the property ownership into 2,00,000 shares each worth $1500. These tokens can be sold for multiplied profits. Moreover, investors can buy tokens of your property becoming partial owners of the collective property.

Real estate tokenisation allows fragmentation of property ownership which boosts profits as well as allows small investors to enter the market.

Our Real Estate Tokenisation Services

Property Listing platform Development

We offer first-rate tokenization platform development services to create a dependable and scalable market that makes it easier to purchase and sell real estate property tokens. The platform enables global participation in the real estate token sale from developers, land registries, property owners, renters, and buyers.

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tokenisation platform

We provide hybrid tokenization platform development services, enabling a builder, agency, developer, or property owner to issue various equity tokens in exchange for their services. For a set amount of time, hybrid tokens may be issued as debt tokens, after which they may be reissued as equity tokens.

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tokenisation services

Through our fractional tokenization services, you can divide your property and receive different income prospects. We assist you in dividing up your real estate property into fractions and selling each one as F-NFTs to the platform's recommended buyers. Additionally, investors can diversify their portfolios by using fractional ownership.

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We assist you in successfully managing a fundraising effort so you can raise money for your project. We have access to a vast network of investors, so you won't have much trouble locating the proper ones.

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Leasing & Rental Services

At Block Tech Brew, we assist investors, landlords, contractors, and agencies to create single or fractional ownership of any residential or commercial buildings to make them available for rent.

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Loan &

We also facilitate loan and mortgage services for tokenized residential and commercial properties. Tokens for digital assets can be used by participants to apply for loans, mortgages or transfer ownership of a property or as a loan.

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An Insight Into The Scope Of
Real Estate Tokenisation

Real estate tokenisation will transform the way people invest in properties globally in the coming days. If not late, it is already changing the real estate business through digital asset ownership and opening doors to numerous investment opportunities for big and small investors alike.

The global real estate market capitalisation accounted roughly for about $2.3 billion in 2021. The inclusion of immutable blockchain technology in this industry is speculated to take the real estate sector to new heights of success.

Credit to the decentralized tokenising asset, the data is securely stored in a structured way avoiding any theft or data alteration. Moreover, the tokenisation process is within the regulatory framework so that you can multiply your profits and raise funds in compliance with all legal regulations.

The innovative technology of blockchain and automated smart contracts will surely skyrocket the revenue potential of the real estate industry.

Key Benefits Of Real Estate Tokenisation Services

High Volume

High Volume Liquidity

Increase real estate liquidity through the use of smart contracts that facilitates the smooth transfer of ownership eliminating intermediaries and huge transaction costs.

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Pave the way to global property investments through tokenisation where users can easily buy, sell, rent, lease or auction properties without worrying over the credibility of the asset.

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Fractional Ownership

Offer investors shared ownership of the property through tokenisation allowing fractional ownership of the assets.

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Instant Settlements

Facilitate cheaper transactions on the tokenisation platform through instant and peer-to-peer settlements.

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Cost efficiency

Credit to blockchain technology, the transaction charges on the property are significantly reduced by eliminating the role of middlemen.

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Data Transparency

Achieve higher transparency and data security in property purchases through the use of immutable blockchain technology.

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Tokenisation of the property also enables customization as per the owner’s needs helping them to generate more revenue.

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Automated Process

Implementation of advanced smart contracts automates the entire process of asset tokenisation, buying and selling.

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Diverse Portfolio

Investors can explore several investment options from NFT real estate tokens to security tokens to diversify their portfolio.

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Proof Of

Proof Of Ownership

Avoid property ownership controversies through validated and verified transactions on blockchain following KYC/AML procedures and other necessary regulations.

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Real Estate Tokenisation
Platform Development

Launch an all-inclusive, secure and robust real estate tokenisation platform to kickstart your business in the billion-dollar industry. Our team pitched in advanced solutions for tokenising your real estate properties to strengthen your presence in the real estate market. We will help you build and launch a user-friendly, secure and feature-rich real estate tokenisation platform embedded with unique features and automated tools.

High-End Features Of Our Real Estate Tokenisation Platform

Delivering a highly proficient Real Estate Tokenisation Platform to simplify asset tokenisation with legal & regulatory compliance.

Simplified Asset
Efficient Property
Automated Smart
Admin Panel
NFT Backed
Land Ownership
Payment Gateways
Tokenisation Platform

How Does Real Estate Tokenisation Benefit The Investors?

Real Estate Tokenisation has opened a window of secure investments for all big and small investors offering higher liquidity,
regulatory compliance and increased profits.

Highly Secure
Transaction Cost

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Estate Tokenisation Services?

We are a premier name in the Asset Tokenisation development industry delivering ground-breaking solutions to clients around the globe. Our team consisting of developers, subject experts, and legal advisors works collectively to simplify the tokenisation process while following the standard regulations and guiding you to raise funds for your business ventures.

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  • Agile Development Process
  • Qualified Team
  • Result-Oriented Approach
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  • Adherence To Deadlines
  • In-Depth Knowledge Of Latest Resources
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • End-To-End Tokenisation Services

What Our Clients Say About Our Blockchain Experts...

I think CodeBrew Labs is passionate enough about what we’re doing and really wants to help grow and support that. I think that’s why our relationship has lasted as long as it has and continues to do so.

Neil Patwardhan
Founder, Skoop

CodeBrew Labs was an excellent partner to work with on the Safecity Mobile app which crowdsources sexual violence in public spaces. The team was very attuned to our needs, worked in tandem with our team, we're open to suggestions and did a quality job whilst adhering to timelines. The feedback we have received is that the app is really well designed and easy to use. I would highly recommend CodeBrew Labs.

ElsaMarie D'Silva
Founder, Red Dot Foundation
Hasan Dridi
IT Manager at Salem Tn

Overall CodeBrew Labs gave us what we wanted, albeit slightly over budget. They stayed on schedule most of the time, and were thorough in their responses... The work was well done and I would potentially use them again and refer them.

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CEO, Naseeb
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Business Advisor at Stryde Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is real estate tokenisation?

Real estate tokenization means to convert the real estate property into digital tokens each of which represents the partial or complete ownership of that property.

How to avail real estate tokenization services?

You can hire real estate tokenisation development or blockchain development company specializing in real estate for high-end solutions. Contact us today to discuss your requirements with our experts today.

What are the benefits of real estate tokenisation?

Real estate tokenisation makes all the processes involved in real estate industry decentralized by eliminating the intermediaries, cost-effective and structured along with ensuring secure transactions and immutable data storage.

Why should I invest in real estate tokenisation?

As an entrepreneur investing in real estate tokenisation will maximize your returns, help in raising funds and minimize the risks. By tokenizing your property you are in a way securing assets and offering your clients a secure and decentralized way of investing in real estate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I invest in Blockchain development?

If you are not sure- if blockchain is the right technology for your business, leave it to us. Our team of experts will analyze the feasibility of blockchain use for your company and provide you with an optimum solution.

What are your top Blockchain app development tools?

Being proficient with all tools & technologies that need to go into making your blockchain product successful, we make a great choice. Few technologies we regularly employ include Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Indy, Ethereum, Stellar, Corda, etc.

How can I find the right Blockchain development company?

When looking for the best blockchain development company, you need to delve into the right blend of experience & expertise. With Blocktech Brew, not just do you get the best blockchain development services but an end-to-end growth approach required to make your business successful.

Any prerequisites to developing a Blockchain solution?

If your business needs more trust and transparency, blockchain has your answer. For more details, connect to our experts now.

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