Developing A Technology-Driven Supply Chain Management Cycle

Making Most Out Of Blockchain Technology To Deliver A Next-Gen Solution Facilitating Your Supply Chain Operations.

With every supply chain solution developed and delivered, we keep 100% transparency, operational traceability, and administrative cost-cutting as our goals. Our business-oriented supply chain management solution has leveraged several businesses worldwide yet we thrive to improvise it. Be it accelerating the risk-bearing abilities or maintaining an operational sync, our blockchain technology-driven supply chain development service caters to all your business needs.

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Standard & Advanced Features Of Our
Supply Chain Management Solution

Reinforcing Your Supply Chain Management Cycle By Embedding Enterprise-Level Features In One Solution For You.

Multi-Currency Wallet

This feature lets you store and transfer an unlimited number of cryptocurrencies securely. Be it Bitcoin or Ethereum, the wallet supports all cryptocurrencies. Plus, it helps you keep a track of transactions initiated.

Smart Contract Security

Our solution is fully-secured using the smart contract which automates the operational sync throughout the supply chain cycle. From sharing invoices to settling payments, it handles everything.

Crypto Management

Our SMC (supply chain management) solution comes with a currency management system to simplify the funds' management at an enterprise level. Also, it helps to view and access information like a supply of funds, funds details, etc.

User Management

This feature is entitled to ensure an easy-going flow of user management system in the solution making stakeholder management easier than ever before. It enables other functionalities like - suspending users, enabling a few users' features, etc.

Advanced Dashboard

The next-gen dashboard gives access to all crucial information in one place. From viewing the balance reports to accessing the transaction reports in one go, this reporting dashboard offers 100% operational transparency.

AML & KYC Verification

Our solution is infused with an automated AML & KYC verification phase that accelerates the user identity authentication process. Plus, it simplifies the user onboarding while adding a new user to the overall supply chain management system.

Our Supply Chain Management Solution
Addressing Multiple Challenges

Our SCM (Supply Chain Management) Solution Overcomes All Traditional Inefficiencies
While Providing Seamless Operational Flow.

Expensive Data Reconciliation

It’s common for supply chain management to result in duplicate data issues. Our solution keeps a track of received and inventory data to eliminate such obstacles from the beginning itself.

No Operational Transparency

The traditional supply chain management process is likely to witness goods location-related issues in real-time. Here, our solution identifies the ongoing inventory location at its best.

Delayed Overall Efficiency

Manual supply chain management processes can result in delayed bill preparations, low maintenance, etc. But that’s not the case with our blockchain SCM solution as it’s automated.

No Product Traceability

Untraceable product elements often lead to inaccurate product information. Our blockchain technology-backed solution waves off the hassle of manual inventory management.

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Leverages Of Our Supply Chain Management Solution

We have designed and developed our SCM solution to optimize your operational flow while ensuring an error-free supply chain cycle.

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Better Auditability

We excel in developing blockchain-oriented solutions that offer a complete data audit trail and ensure complete record-keeping. Plus, it comes with smart contract features keeping a real-time check on inventory tracking.

Improved Transparency

The traditional supply chain process comes with negligible issues leading to record maintenance problems, lading bill processing, etc. Here, our SCM solution automates everything while promoting 100% transparency.

Real-Time Visibility

We have leveraged blockchain technology and smart contracts to automate the complete cycle of implementing the operational workflow. This helps you get realistic workflow visibility by keeping a track of all records in sync.

Supplier Onboarding

Onboarding suppliers is a time-taking process, especially when you are new to the whole SCM process. But our solution makes it easier for you to onboard suppliers and accelerate the immutable record-keeping process.

Why Prefer Our Supply Chain Management Solution?

From Infusing All On-Demand Functionalities To Delivering A Full-Proof Solution, We Got You Covered.

Seamless Development

We design, develop and deliver fully-customizable solutions meeting the needs of your target audience from scratch. Here we follow a detailed roadmap to keep you posted about the development and deployment stages simultaneously.

Experts’ At Work

We are bestowed with up to 400 professionals helping us refine the SCM solution designing and development process. With this, we keep a hawk’s eye on setting up enterprise-level communities and campaigns empowering our solutions.

Result-Oriented Approach

Whether it’s designing a new product or executing the pre-defined operational process, each step is followed by a comprehensive result-oriented technique. Our major focal point is to create an everlasting and tangible impact on your target audience.

Post-Delivery Support

We stay connected with you beyond delivering the final solution. Our team works on delivering reliable post-delivery services including - solution maintenance and consistent updates. This is to ensure a complete focus on product growth.

Our Supply Chain Solution
Development Process

Our team of experts follows a four-step process to deliver a fully-working solution within a given time frame.

STEP 1Ideation

We work closely on your comprehensive solution requirements to co-innovate and challenge your business obstacles in one go. This stage works as the foundation for strong product building.

STEP 2Strategy

Our business development team works on drafting a full-proof strategy keeping your business needs in mind. Further, this helps in seamless execution. Here, we focus on blending next-gen technologies for effective results.

STEP 3Develop

Following the design architecture prepared, our team of professionals works on implementing the solution development phase to engage stakeholders. Besides, we ensure to keep you updated with the product progress.

STEP 4Deployment

Our team executes the supply chain solution while authorizing the software maintenance and updates required. With this, our pool of professionals ensures seamless support even post-deployment.

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Collaboration is key to building innovative solutions that deliver unbeatable results. Our trusted partners and allies share our vision and values, allowing us to work towards common goals. By leveraging each other's strengths and expertise, we can create a powerful force for growth and success.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible for blockchain to improve both internal and external traceability in the supply chain?

Blockchain technology can facilitate internal operations by creating a persistent, organized record of supply chain monitoring activities. Although blockchain structures can capture internal transactions, the majority of blockchain architectures focus on external traceability. However, several blockchain platforms can expand to meet the demands of a vast supply chain network.

Is it possible for blockchain to safeguard confidential data?

In a distributed ledger network, accountability can be a challenge. Many blockchain proponents prioritize accountability to the fullest extent possible, which may not align with the priorities of a food supply chain. Most blockchain systems allow every transaction's outcome to be visible across the network, which may be advantageous for a vertically integrated provider, but those who seek to secure their data can use smart contracts to manage information accessibility within the blockchain.

Can auditors verify transactions recorded on a blockchain?

Yes, they can. Auditors can access a specific level of transparency regarding transactions sent to the network by supply chain participants. Alternatively, depending on the use case, the system's rules may also grant auditing bodies control within the system itself. For instance, if an audit fails, a certifier may prevent a producer from issuing additional digital assets with certification.

Can blockchain accelerate trade flows in the supply chain?

Blockchain can introduce transparency into the supply chain, enabling participants to access extensive information about the cargo, its location, and the parties involved in the flow. Increased transparency can lead to greater efficiencies, such as making cargo rerouting decisions while en route and enhancing customs' ability to perform risk-based inspections.

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