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Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs)

Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs): A Guide to Identity Management

It’s understandable that you might have read the term decentralized identifiers (DIDs) very often but aren’t aware of them. Here, we will cover all the aspects associated with DIDs to make it a full-fledged DID guide. In layman’s terms, decentralized identifiers are identifiers that share complete control with users, i.e., individuals or organizations, over their […]

Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC): A Future of Digital Finance

Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC): A Future of Digital Finance

There is one technology that has created a buzz all over the world, and it is unstoppable in the financial ecosystem. This  blockchain technology has revolutionized the way we transact by eliminating the need for intermediaries and enabling peer-to-peer transactions. The introduction of Central Bank Digital Currency has added a new dimension to blockchain’s advanced […]

blockchain works in the beauty cosmetic-industry

How Blockchain Works in the Beauty & Cosmetic Industry?

The industry that is experiencing explosive growth in blockchain is beauty and cosmetics. The global cosmetic market’s expected growth will exceed $758.4 billion by 2025. It drives extensive selection across skincare, natural, and coral reef-based beauty ranges. It’s surprising to see that the men’s personal care market is also expanding, reaching $166 billion by 2022. […]

Metaverse Education Platform

A Comprehensive Guide to the Metaverse Education Platform

The number of users in the metaverse education market will reach 73.96 million by 2030. A crucial component in fostering international communication and embracing other cultures is learning a foreign language. Foreign workers are required to become fluent in the language of the nation they are relocating to. The techniques of teaching languages are being […]

ERC 1155: Semi-Fungible Token Standard

ERC 1155: Semi-Fungible Token Standard

Quick Facts Semi-fungible tokens (SFTs) are built on the multi-token standard of ERC-1155. SFTs are a more convenient and scalable alternative to NFTs for game economies. SFTs allow batch processing in a single transaction for sales and purchases. Introduced in 2018, SFTs combine the potential of both fungible and non-fungible tokens using the ERC 1155 […]

SEMI Fungible Tokens

Explained! What are Semi-Fungible Tokens (SFTs)?

We have already discussed NFTs many times. But do you also share a familiarity with SFTs? What are they? How have they evolved? What are their purposes and uses? Continue reading this blog to get a detailed overview of SFTs development and their implications. What are SFTs? Semi-fungible tokens (SFTs) hold the combined characteristics of […]

features- cryptocurrency app blocktech-brew

Top Leading Features that a Cryptocurrency Exchange App Must Include

The modern economy is going through a massive shift. The introduction of cryptocurrencies has revolutionized the economy. There are multiple businesses observing trends and feeling proud to promote and earn using a cryptocurrency exchange. There are cryptocurrency exchange app platforms that promote dedicated trading to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrencies. But their development demands several […]

How to Analyze the Cost Estimate For Blockchain Development -Blocktech brew

How to Analyze the Cost Estimate For Blockchain Development In 2023

Blockchain is one of the most popular technologies that people are excited about. This technology is widely known as the modern internet and works on decentralized networking. Due to this, it has a huge impact on cryptocurrencies, their development, and their trading. At present, to boost businesses, it’s essential to have functional blockchain applications. 9  […]

Everything you need to know about the CeDeFi - Blocktech Brew

Everything You Need to Know About the CeDeFi

Currently, the financial system presents two blockchain-based controlled and decentralized systems. To buy, sell, earn, and engage in cryptocurrency asset trading, stakeholders must decide for themselves. But, why pick one over the other when you may have both in one? What is CeDeFi? CeDeFi refers to a centralized decentralized finance system that features both financial […]

explanined guide to artificial intelligence stack-blocktech-brew

An Explained Guide to the Artificial Intelligence Stack

The artificial intelligence (AI) stack refers to the technologies, frameworks, libraries, and tools used to develop and function AI applications. There is a fusion of several layers or components to enable tech AI stack capabilities.  Here are some major AI Stacks consisting of the following layers and components:  AI Stack Layers   1. Data layer This […]

12 Futuristic Predictions Of AR, VR, and Metaverse Development

12 Futuristic Predictions Of AR, VR, and Metaverse Development Till 2030

The proliferation of AR, VR, and MR is unavoidable because of the metaverse’s evolution. The development of technology has been very rapid during the COVID pandemic. The pandemic served as a catalyst, by developing a virtual world that enables individuals to access reality without leaving their homes.  The market value of AR game development, VR, […]

Extended Reality and It's Application - Blocktech Brew

Explained! Overview Of Extended Reality, Uses, Advantages, and Challenges

Extended Reality (XR) Market size is anticipated to increase from USD 105.58 billion in 2023 to USD 472.39 billion by 2028, at a CAGR of 34.94% during the forecast period (2023-2028). The term “Extended Reality” (XR) refers to technologies that blend both virtual and real settings to provide immersive and compelling experiences. XR encompasses all […]

AR,VR and Metaverse-All you need to know

AR, VR, And Metaverse: All You Need To Know

 Metaverse is much more than just a trendy slogan. The most cutting-edge and contemporary standards for the internet will be established during this term. Although the pace of progress is still somewhat unpredictable, volatility and the need for expansion in this area will certainly result from it.  The metaverse is consistently seen as the most […]

10 nft music platform

Top 10 NFT Music Marketplaces For Token Buy And Sell In 2023

The market for Music NFT development service was valued at USD 1240.3 million in 2021 and is projected to increase at a CAGR of 27.52% to reach USD 42,380.2 million by 2032.  When You See Yourself, the band Kings of Leon’s brand-new album, was the first ever to be released as a non-fungible token (NFT) […]

warner bros discovery

Warner Bros. Discovery Embraces Its Latest Blockchain Movie: The Flash

The pinnacle of Web3 experiences that combine the imaginative assortment of NFT and AR treasures.  The world’s most distinctive collection of content has been enhanced by Warner Bros. Discovery’s superior inventiveness. WBD recently announced the release of its upcoming superhero movie, which has distinguished itself in the blockchain industry.  With the help of the Eluvio […]

smart contract development on multiple blockchain platform

Understanding Smart Contract Development On Multiple Blockchain Platforms

By the end of 2021, the smart contract market generated revenues of $150.2 million, and by the end of 2032, those revenues are expected to reach $1,515.4 million. Given how popular smart contracts have become, there’s a chance that learning more about them will make you want to know more. The success rate of smart […]

React Vs Angular - Choose the Right Framework for Blockchain App Development

React Vs Angular – Choose the Right Framework for Blockchain App Development

Blockchain app development is picking its pace. Businesses are pouring money into blockchain development and dApp development services. The traditional mobile app market is being replaced by decentralized apps. Today we have blockchain apps for investment, money transfers and lending & borrowing. Moreover, we also have dApps for healthcare, logistics, decentralized identity solutions and more. […]

$707 Million Investment Into Metaverse Startups Looks Promising For The Industry

$707 Million Investment Into Metaverse Startups Looks Promising For The Industry

Metaverse future looks bright with venture capital funding of $707 million pouring into Metaverse startups. The year 2022 started with the global recession and crypto prices slumping down. Though we were hopeful of some recovery in 2023, the year witnessed a major metaverse market downturn. Even the metaverse land values started to drop. However, the […]

Ubisoft Announces First Web3 Game

Ubisoft Announces First Web3 Game

Ubisoft released the trailer for its first-ever Web3 game, which is set to change the dimension of Web3 gaming. Last week, Ubisoft released a cinematic trailer for its first Web3 game – Champions Tactics – Grimoria Chronicles. The company calls the game its new “PVP Tactical RPG experimental” PC game. The Assassin’s Creed game creator […]

Ethereum Smart Contracts for best practices

Best Practices For Ethereum Smart Contracts

Smart contracts have proved to be a revolutionary milestone for the blockchain industry. From holding balance to sending transactions and overseeing deals, smart contracts are now a prominent part of blockchain applications developed through our blockchain app development services. These digital contracts function as they are programmed. Besides, they are not controlled by the user. […]

AI Can Be The Driving Force Behind Metaverse

How AI Can Be The Driving Force Behind Metaverse?

The year 2022 was the year of web3 and Metaverse. However as we transitioned into 2023, the AI revolution seems to have replaced metaverse.  While many are talking about how AI has surpassed the metaverse, let’s think about it from a different perspective. AI and metaverse are two different concepts of this ultra-modern era. Instead […]

Boost Performance Of Your Web3 Apps With Web3 Smart Contract Development

Boost Performance Of Your Web3 Apps With Web3 Smart Contract Development

Web3 smart contracts form the foundation of decentralized applications that operate using Web3 technology.  These self-executing contracts are designed to swiftly process transactions in an automated manner.  They are programmed in advance and are triggered when specific conditions are fulfilled. Web3 smart contracts enable traders to exchange different currencies, tokens, and other types of assets […]

Top Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Scripts

Top Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Scripts to Watch in 2023

Wondering which clone script is best for your crypto startup? If you are looking for the best cryptocurrency exchange clone script, then you are in the right place. We have compiled a list of top crypto clone scripts to help you find the right one for your platform. The list includes: Binance clone script Coinbase […]

Token Standards: ERC20 vs ERC721 vs ERC1155

Token Standards: ERC20 vs ERC721 vs ERC1155

If you are into blockchain, you are not new to token standards.  The most popular token standard is ERC-20. You might have heard of ERC-20 for smart contract development, dApp development, and token creation. Besides, developers highly prefer ERC-20 to build blockchain apps. Thanks to its flexibility and features. Do you know that ERC-20 was […]

smart contract loopholes

What Are Smart Contract Loopholes? How Can You Avoid Them?

Smart contracts look perfect. Thanks to all that it could do with automation, decentralization and security.  But are they 100% perfect? Perhaps not! Smart contract loopholes, especially security issues, have begun to surface.  In February 2022, hackers stole $320 million in the infamous Wormhole cross chain bridge attack.  The following month the smart contract hack […]

apple vision pro -game changer for the metaverse

How Apple Vision Pro Will Be The Game Changer For The Metaverse

Apple announced the launch of Vision Pro, a mixed reality headset, on 5th June 2023. Since then, discussions about Vision Pro have been trending on all social media platforms. People are discussing how it will influence the digital experience, gaming, and particularly, metaverse. Following the launch, stocks of major metaverse platforms plunged.  Sandbox, COO calls […]

Top 8 Use Cases Of Smart Contracts

Top 8 Use Cases Of Smart Contracts

In this blockchain era, it’s impossible not to hear about smart contracts.  We are all aware of the capabilities of blockchain. However, a lesser number of us are acquainted with the fact that the foundational pillar of blockchain app development is smart contracts. When Bitcoin was launched, it introduced the world to the new concept […]

smart contract developer roadmap

The Ultimate Smart Contract Developer Roadmap

The year 2023 could be the year you start the smart contract development journey.  Do you know that the global smart contract market size will surpass $73 billion by 2030? Further, the experts believe that the smart contract market will grow at a CAGR of 82.2%. We all know that if the technology market grows, […]

Best Australian Crypto Exchanges

Comparing the Best Australian Crypto Exchanges: Which One Is Right for You?

Embarking on a thrilling journey into the world of cryptocurrencies, Australian traders and investors find themselves at a crossroads. Crypto investors look for the best crypto exchanges for two main reasons. The first is the security of their assets. The second is to find a user-friendly and trustworthy platform with lower fees. If you are […]

Generative Ai a Game Changer for Web3 Developers

How Generative AI Is Game Changer For Web3 Developers: Exploring The Benefits

Everything from our dApps to metaverse to decentralized exchanges and online services platforms runs on codes. Even web3 games which are a hot trend in the digital world are completely dependent on codes.  If the code is not correct and of standard quality then everything is in vain.  That is why web3 game developers always […]

What is Generative AI - Everything You Need To Know

What is Generative AI – Everything You Need To Know

OpenAI recently launched GPT4 which is a new milestone in Generative AI. Though artificial intelligence has been doing exceptional progress since 2010, it never could match human creativity. AI can process large data, identify human faces, automate tasks, and make calculations and predictions. But these were substandard versions of artificial intelligence.  AI was a stupid […]

Enter the Metaverse Event Management Platform with Virtual Avatars

Enter the Metaverse Event Management Platform with Virtual Avatars

Are you struggling to increase participation & engagement in your seminars?  Are you facing low attendance at your events?  Do you feel your seminars and exhibitions are not gaining traction? Are your users not showing up in your brand events? These could be signs that your events are outdated. They probably need a revamping.  Transform […]

How To Launch and Run a Gaming Node?

How To Launch and Run a Gaming Node?

The best thing that could happen to the gaming industry is blockchain. The gaming industry has seen a substantial increase in the blockchain game development.  Do you know that the blockchain game market size in 2022 was $4.6 billion? The numbers are surprising. But the prediction shows that the blockchain gaming market will reach $65.7 […]

Exploring The Difference: Metaverse Vs Multiverse

Exploring The Difference: Metaverse Vs Multiverse

Do you play online games? Have you ever played metaverse games? Or is your multiplayer video game a multiverse? If you are into video games you surely would have come across these two terms – metaverse and multiverse. The debate between the metaverse vs multiverse is not new. It is a hot topic since the […]

How To Build a Metaverse Gaming Platform

How To Build a Metaverse Gaming Platform

Online games have got a new boost with the emergence of the metaverse. Though the metaverse is transforming various industries, gaming is one of the sectors that the metaverse has changed completely. Metaverse has revolutionized the gaming landscape. It has elevated the gaming experience with realistic characters, high-definition graphics and hyper realistic gaming environment. While […]

How To Choose The Right Web3 Development Company For Your Project?

How To Choose The Right Web3 Development Company For Your Project?

Do you know that 30% of web3 projects fail in the development phase? Why do they fail? Where did they miss out? Was it the business idea or tech difficulty? It is because they did not Choose the right web3 development company. Save yourself from making the same mistake. By hiring a suitable web3 company […]

The Benefits of Trading on Tier 1 Crypto Exchanges

The Benefits of Trading on Tier 1 Crypto Exchanges

As per the Blockspot website, there are over 1,500 crypto exchanges worldwide. While you may think it’s a good number. After all, we have more options to choose from. But wait! Not all crypto exchanges are safe to trust your money. Before registering on a crypto exchange, you should check the platform’s security protocols, features, […]

Private Vs. Public Vs. Permissioned Blockchain: Get a Complete Guide

Private Vs. Public Vs. Permissioned Blockchain: Get a Complete Guide

When we talk about blockchain technology, we say it is a public distributed ledger. However, not all blockchains are accessible to the public. There are 3 types of blockchain networks – public, private and permissioned. While public blockchain networks are more popular, private and permissioned blockchains are less known. The cryptocurrencies blockchains that you know […]

How To Build A Cryptocurrency Exchange In 2023?

How To Build A Cryptocurrency Exchange In 2023?

Did you know that the global crypto market cap has reached $1.18 trillion?While some thought crypto was just a bubble, it has become the foundation of a decentralized financial ecosystem. Entrepreneurs had long believed in the potential of crypto.One of the ways to enter the crypto industry is to build your own cryptocurrency exchange. Making […]

What is Metaverse? Exploring Its Business Benefits & Use Cases

What is Metaverse? Exploring Its Business Benefits & Use Cases

The 21st century will be remembered as the era of significant technological advancements. One of the most prominent ones among all is the development of virtual worlds, metaverse. The concept of virtual worlds in fictional movies and novels is becoming a reality now. While you think of the metaverse as a platform to play games […]

How to Build a Blockchain Wallet: A Beginner's Guide

How to Build a Blockchain Wallet: A Beginner’s Guide

People are going to remember the 21st century as the era of cryptocurrency and blockchain. When we talk about cryptocurrencies or Decentralized finance, one of the things that no one misses out on is Blockchain wallets. Imagine owning cryptocurrencies worth hundreds of dollars. Or buying an in-game asset using tokens in the metaverse. Where will […]

How to Build a Multichain Crypto Wallet: The Ultimate Development Guide

How to Build a Multichain Crypto Wallet: The Ultimate Development Guide

The cryptocurrency market has witnessed major ups and downs in the last 2 years. While the flourishing crypto market made investors and blockchain development companies happy, the bear market trend didn’t disappoint them as much as the experts predicted. The rising web3, metaverse, and Defi trends kept the crypto market alive. In fact, the web3 […]

How to Become a Web3 Developer – Roadmap

How to Become a Web3 Developer – Roadmap

Step into the world of Web3 development, where you have the power to create decentralized applications running on blockchain technology. As the decentralized web takes center stage in the future, the chance to become a Web3 developer presents an exciting opportunity to lead this transformation.The question is, where do you begin?This blog post explores the […]

Web3 Meaning : Everything You Need To Know About Web3 Explained

Web3 Meaning : Everything You Need To Know About Web3 Explained

Remember the time when we are signing up for a website, social media, or any app, we have to agree to the terms and conditions. Sometimes we even agree to collect our personal information like Name, email, passwords, and even location information. All these just so that centralised companies can keep track of our activities […]

How to Create your own Virtual Chatbot like ChatGPT

How to Create your own Virtual Chatbot like ChatGPT

Imagine building an AI chatbot like ChatGPT for your own website or business! ChatGPT is a revolutionary bot powered by Artificial Intelligence. The amazing thing about ChatGPT is that you can have natural conversations with it. This was not possible until now with other bots. Any bot which came before ChatGPT did not have the […]

Top Metaverse Development Companies in 2023

Top Metaverse Development Companies in 2023

Metaverse, a fictional concept, is now the hottest sensation in the digital realm. Metaverse is a virtual world that replicates real world elements and experiences. Though the metaverse seems like a fantasy world where you can play games, attend concerts and interact with people, it’s much more than that. Businesses today are leveraging the power […]

How To Develop An AI Solution For Your Enterprise?

How To Develop An AI Solution For Your Enterprise?

The world around us is changing at a rapid pace with major technological advancements. The old models of business and generalized products & services are no longer effective. The time calls for advanced solutions that will help the business get an edge over its competitors. What can businesses do to boost productivity and revenue?  One […]

What Is Web3 Gaming?

What Is Web3 Gaming?

We all have seen the Mario era of video games that excited us to the next level. Though traditional video and console games of our childhood were thrilling we would have never expected to make real money with them. We have never imagined a gaming module where we could truly own our in-game assets, characters, […]

Top fashion brands leveraging the metaverse blocktech brew

Top Fashion Brands Leveraging The Metaverse

Fashion is all about being in the trend. When the current trend in the world is metaverse, how can fashion brands stay untouched? What are fashion brands doing in the metaverse? They are releasing branded NFTs with special utilities. Some NFTs are redeemable which gives physical products as rewards or discounts.  Fashion brands are also […]

Exploring The Synergies Between Blockchain And AI

Exploring The Synergies Between Blockchain And AI

Blockchain and AI are two groundbreaking technologies of the 21st century. Both these technologies are transforming the business sectors in their own ways. Businesses worldwide are implementing blockchain and AI solutions separately to boost efficiency in their processes. Blockchain is helping businesses bring decentralization and automation into their processes. With the help of blockchain, businesses […]

List of 15 Blockchain Technology Companies -2023

List of 15 Blockchain Technology Companies -2023

“Hire the right blockchain Software company – Accelerate your business growth and value.” Blockchain is a futuristic technology set to transform every aspect of our lives. It is the foundation of a decentralized, secure and permissionless ecosystem. Blockchain is the forerunner of Defi enabling peer-to-peer and trustless transactions. It has eliminated the inefficiencies of the […]


How to Create Your Own NFT Marketplace Like Rarible?

Rarible is one of the most popular Non-Fungible tokens (NFT) marketplaces in the world. It has been a hub for digital artists, collectors, and investors who want to showcase and trade their NFTs. With over 1.7 million NFTs listed and 160K+ active users on Rarible,  it is one of the largest NFT marketplaces in the […]


Top 7 Web3 Trends for 2023

Web3 is the third generation of the World Wide Web.  The technology not only aims to decentralize the internet but also gives users more control over their online data and interactions As a result, the market for these technologies has been increasing in recent years and Web3 is expected to revolutionize almost every industry in […]


Top 10 Metaverse Trends and Predictions to Watch Out in 2023

The virtual universe, now better known as the Metaverse, has significantly gained global attention in the tech world. As a result, startups and enterprises across the globe are rapidly adopting this concept of Metaverse. While Meta focuses on creating virtual reality environments, giants like Microsoft and Nvidia have already started developing metaverse environments for collaborating […]


Metaverse in Real Estate Industry – Impact & Benefits

The metaverse is a virtual universe that is becoming increasingly popular. It is a digital space where people can interact, work, and play, among other things. The metaverse is an exciting development and is likely to have a big impact on many industries, including real estate. In this blog, we will explore the intersection of […]


Blockchain in Finance – 3 trends to keep an eye on!

Blockchain is a highly potential technology capable to revolutionize the financial industry in several ways. Being a decentralized, digital ledger that records transactions across a network of computers, it is the backbone of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, but it has applications beyond just digital currencies.  According to Statista, the market size for blockchain solutions for the […]


Hiring a Blockchain Development Team – 9 Things to Consider

Blockchain technology is one of the most talked-about innovations of the 21st century, and for good reason. From finance to healthcare to supply chain management, blockchain is transforming industries globally. According to reports, the blockchain industry was worth $11.54 Billion last year. However, it is projected to grow at a magical CAGR of 85.9% to […]

Altcoin Development Company

Altcoins Explained – What are Altcoins & How to Build One?

Altcoins are simply alternatives to the world’s largest and most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin and traditional fiat money. The first altcoins launched in 2011 and as of January 2023, there are tens of thousands of altcoins available. And presently, Altcoins make up more than 40% of the total cryptocurrency market. While the early altcoins aimed at […]

Binance Clone: Launch a Cryptocurrency Exchange Like Binance in 2023

Binance Clone: Launch a Cryptocurrency Exchange Like Binance in 2023

When it comes to leading cryptocurrency exchanges around the world, Binance currently tops the list.  According to a report, Binance – the world’s largest crypto exchange held a 92% market share of the biggest cryptocurrency – Bitcoin.  Established in 2017, Binance is now a cryptocurrency exchange with over 1650 markets and a $24.04 Bn daily […]

DAO development company

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations: Creating a DAO in 2023

DAOs are considered the next big revolution in spheres like finance and business. But why?? The blockchain is all about decentralizing whether it’s assets, tokens, organizations, or decisions. This is when the idea and concept of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) came into existence. The first DAO known simply as “The DAO” launched in 2016 and […]

ICO Development: Launching an ICO Successfully in 2023

ICO Development: Launching an ICO Successfully in 2023

Initial Coin Offering (ICOs) and token sales started gaining global attention back in 2017. And since then, they haven’t looked back! But what is an ICO?  An initial coin offering (ICO) is a kind of capital-raising activity for any cryptocurrency or blockchain-based environment. ICOs are a popular way to raise funds for products and services […]

blockchain development tools for 2023

7 Top Blockchain Development Tools To Know in 2023

The revolution paving way to the third generation of the internet is enabled by a single piece of technology – “Blockchain” Blockchain technology is progressing at a great pace and is expected to completely revolutionize various industries globally. According to reports, the worldwide expenditure on blockchain solutions is expected to grow from $4.5 Billion dollars […]

build your own cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency Development: How to Make Your Own Cryptocurrency?

The invention of cryptocurrency paved the way for a decentralized banking system. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to be created in 2009, and thousands of other cryptocurrencies, known as altcoins, have since followed the suit.  With the global crypto market capitalization totaling over $800 Billion, businesses all over the world are now accepting various forms […]

create a custom blockchain using substrate framework

Polkadot and Substrate: How to Build a Custom Blockchain?

In this tutorial, you’ll be going through the fundamentals of blockchain technology and Polkadot how it works, and the polkadot framework. Next, we’ll move on to the installation, running, and compilation sections for rust using the substrate. After that, you’ll see how to build a custom blockchain using the substrate framework. Moving further, you’ll learn […]

how to build a NFT marketplace

NFT Marketplace Development: Detailed Guide for 2023

The NFT (Non-Fungible Token) market has now turned into a giant industry. NFTs are widely popular, especially when it comes to art and collectibles. Nonetheless, virtual artwork is not the only thing NFTs are capable of.  One can use them to buy digital lands in the virtual worlds, buy or trade gaming items like avatars, […]

stablecoin development process

Stablecoin Development: All You Must Know About Stablecoins

Traditional crypto assets like Bitcoin & Ethereum have seen a lot of price fluctuations in a short period of time. To minimize the adverse effects of such volatility during bear markets, crypto investors have started diversifying in stablecoins like USDT (Tether) and USDC (USD Coin) in their portfolios. Moreover, the size of the stablecoin development […]

Evolution of Blockchain in the gaming Industry

Evolution of Blockchain in the gaming Industry

Blockchain came out as the most revolutionary technology of the era. Though blockchain was introduced in a research paper in 1991, it was revived with the emergence of Bitcoin in 2009.  Since then, people have explored various ways blockchain can transform their businesses and make way for more revenue generation. The research into the potential […]

eth 2.0

Ethereum 2.0: Here is Everything you need to know about The Merge

Ethereum is the world’s largest blockchain network after Bitcoin. The network aims to create a safe, open and decentralized environment for seamless development of Defi and dApps. However, the over use of Ethereum has made the network congested requiring higher gas fees and loaded with scalability and security issues. Get ready to Welcome Ethereum 2.0.  […]

Dubai in the metaverse: How the UAE will take advantage of a $30 trillion market

Dubai in the metaverse: How the UAE will take advantage of a $30 trillion market

Dubai is looking forward to leading the world in the adoption of the metaverse. With its recent Metaverse Strategy project, Metaverse Assembly, virtual offices, virtual cities and much more Dubai is gradually becoming the hub of metaverse and web 3.0 developments. The UAE government in the past years have taken several steps to explore the […]

The Metaverse: Dubai Set to Be the World's First Virtual City

The Metaverse: Dubai Set to Be the World’s First Virtual City

UAE has always been the forerunner of technological advancements. In today’s world, Dubai is progressing faster to become the global hub of blockchain-powered innovations, metaverse and Web 3.0. One of the biggest milestones in this journey is creating the world’s first virtual cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Metaverse Holdings, a Web 3.0 technology firm […]

What Are Zero-Knowledge Proofs in Blockchain?

What Are Zero-Knowledge Proofs in Blockchain?

Nowadays, you are always warned not to recklessly share your personal information online for security reasons. You will be surprised to know that not even blockchain technology is untouched by cyber threats.  Though blockchain is a promising technology that ensures data security, immutability, and anonymous transactions, we still need an additional security layer.  Decades old […]

10 Tips to Leverage the White Label Nft Marketplace

10 Tips to Leverage the White Label Nft Marketplace

NFTs have become a sensation in the digital realm. What once was considered worthless driven by hype, is now transforming major sectors of our life. After adding value to the digital assets, NFTs are now revolutionising other sectors including the conventional art market, real estate, gaming industry, music, entertainment and fashion industries. The global NFT […]

Crypto Lending: What Is It & How does It Work?

Crypto Lending: What Is It & How does It Work?

Cryptocurrencies have given birth to a whole new ecosystem of decentralized finance. Nowadays crypto trading is considered one of the best alternatives for higher returns. Moreover, cryptocurrencies also enable peer-to-peer, instant and cheaper transactions. Compared to fiat currencies and old financial models, the crypto based Defi sector is transforming our lives. One crucial part of […]

Blockchain Development

Why Businesses Need to Tap On the Power of Blockchain Development

Gartner estimates that blockchain will generate $3.1 trillion in new business value by 2030. And digital transformation will only fuel this welcome scenario of blockchain development. A blockchain is a digital ledger of transactions that is duplicated & distributed across the entire network of computer systems on the blockchain.  Every block in the chain contains […]

Crypto Exchange Platform

The Go-To Expert Guide to Build a Crypto Exchange Platform

A crypto exchange is an online platform that allows buying, selling, & exchanging crypto & fiat currencies. As compared to a traditional platform, it offers better security, transaction speed, and transparency. The faster, more reliable, and convenient your platform, the larger its audience base. This means more trading activity by the participants, leading to increased […]

Smart Contract on Blockchain

What is a Smart Contract on Blockchain and How Does It Work?

A smart contract is a self-executing seller-buyer agreement that is directly inscribed into lines of code. Traceability, transparency, & irreversibility are its hallmarks. Automation of an agreement’s execution by a smart contract ensures  the outcome’s certainty. Further, as no third party is involved, the transaction gets completed quickly.  Here’s how the smart contract’s workflow is […]

What is DeFi? All About Decentralized Finance Explained

What is DeFi? All About Decentralized Finance Explained

The term DeFi first appeared in an August 2018 Telegram chat between Ethereum developers & entrepreneurs. They were trying to come up with a term referring to the movement of open financial applications being built on Ethereum. Meaning of Decentralized Finance DeFi allows anyone with an internet access to borrow, lend and bank without involving […]

What is a Smart Contract Audit? A Comprehensive Guide

What is a Smart Contract Audit? A Comprehensive Guide

Did you know that the global smart contracts market size is estimated to reach USD 770.52 million by 2028 from USD 144.95 million in 2020? Since all transactions on the blockchain are final, if any funds get stolen, these cannot be retrieved. So, before you invest in a blockchain project, make sure that you’ve thoroughly […]

How to Set Up a Crypto Wallet?

How to Set Up a Web3 Wallet?

Crypto wallets are the gateway to creating a solid footprint in Web3 & the crypto investing world. But here’s the catch: just like one shoe size does not fit all, the crypto wallet that is right for you depends on what you want to do with your cryptocurrency and the type of safety net you […]

How to Build a Blockchain App in 2022?

How to Build a Blockchain App in 2022?

Blockchain is one of the latest technologies with which the world is moving towards a new era of decentralization. Decentralization is controlling different entities and functions in a distributed manner. No single entity will hold all authority in the system, and therefore, the concept of monopoly is completely abolished. To implement this concept, blockchain is […]

How is Blockchain Technology Paving the Way for the Future?

How is Blockchain Technology Paving the Way for the Future?

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are the two most popular words we always hear in the association. For instance, the moment you speak about bitcoin or Litecoin, the word “Bitcoin blockchain” automatically comes up. Similarly, when someone trades in ether, they talk about the “Ethereum blockchain” technology. While blockchain associates with cryptocurrency mostly, this technology has a […]

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Sheikh Rashid Tower, Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai, UAE

+971 55 473 8790


Plot no 5 CDCL Building,
Sector 28 B Chandigarh 160028

+91 771-966-6171


Av. Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla 1995, Arcos
Vallarta, 44600 Guadalajara, Mexico

+1 (332) 233-6033


401 Park Avenue South, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10016

+1 (332) 233-6033