Blocktech Brew | What Is Web3 Gaming?
Blocktech Brew | What Is Web3 Gaming?

March 3, 2023

What Is Web3 Gaming?

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We all have seen the Mario era of video games that excited us to the next level. Though traditional video and console games of our childhood were thrilling we would have never expected to make real money with them.

We have never imagined a gaming module where we could truly own our in-game assets, characters, and rewards. In fact, making money by selling them was out of the question. 

In traditional games, everything was under the control of game developers. You had no authority over gaming assets. Even though you purchased the game assets to complete the levels, you were not the real owner. 

Further, using one game’s assets on another platform was impossible. The interoperability was zero. Apart from this, there was no security or transparency in the games. Everything on the gaming platform was controlled and run by game developers as they wished.

Welcome to the web3 gaming era!

Web3 gaming transfers the power from the developers into the hands of the players. With the benefits of decentralisation, web3 gaming is changing the gaming sector forever. 

Credit to blockchain technology, web3 games offer asset ownership, transparency and interoperability. Moreover, it also enables players to monetize their gaming experience. Further, web3 gaming establishes a democratic gaming platform with high security and accessibility.

If you are looking to tap into the gaming industry, get help from the best web3 development company. Hire web3 game developers who will build you a thrilling web3 game and help you establish your gaming brand.

Let us find out about web3 gaming and its features in the blog.

What is Web3 Gaming?

Blocktech Brew | What Is Web3 Gaming?

Web3 gaming is the integration of blockchain technology into the gaming infrastructure. Due to the implementation of blockchain into the gaming module, web3 gaming is decentralized, transparent, more secure and democratic. 

Here are a few key characteristics of web3 games.

  • Firstly, being decentralized there is no central authority controlling the data. Moreover, the developers do not run the gaming platform. But it is the players that have all the power.
  • Secondly, web3 games are all about ownership. Blockchain, NFTs and smart contracts combined help players have verifiable ownership of in-game assets. 
  • Thirdly, as the players have asset ownership rights, they can sell the game rewards and assets on marketplaces to make real money.
  • Lastly, web3 games are interoperable. Therefore, you can easily move your assets from one game to another.
  • Most importantly, decentralisation allows us to build democratic gaming platforms where everything is run according to DAO.
  • Apart from these, web3 games offer more security and data integrity. As the data is stored on the blockchain network, no one can hack and alter it.
    Moreover, no single entity or institution controls the data. It is decentralized and distributed across the blockchain network.

Traditional Gaming & Its Limitations

Undoubtedly traditional games were exciting and still attract millions of players worldwide. However, the limitations of traditional games encouraged us to explore web3 games.

The limitations of traditional games are as follows.

Centralized Gaming Platform

Traditional gaming platforms were all centralized and the control over the data was in the hands of the developers. Players had no say in the decisions of the platform. 

Moreover, players even did not have any control over their data. The data was centrally stored in online servers under the control of the game developers. 

No Asset Ownership

In traditional games, there was nothing as true ownership of the in-game assets. Even though you bought the assets with fiat currency on the gaming platform, you were not the true owner of that asset.

You only get the license to use the asset for interaction on the gaming platform. The platform owners still hold the copyrights for in-game assets.

Limitations on Asset Trading

In traditional games, you can buy assets with fiat currency but you cannot resell them on other marketplaces. In fact, you cannot even trade game rewards, currencies or assets anywhere.

Once you buy them, you can only use them on that gaming platform. Therefore, your investment in the game and assets remains null and void. You are putting your money only to complete game missions and levels. It’s just for entertainment purposes. You cannot make any profit from the game assets and rewards.

Zero Interoperability

In traditional games, you cannot use the assets across multiple gaming platforms. Every gaming platform has its own characters, weapons and assets which are valid for that specific game only.

Web3 games or blockchain based games evolved as a need to resolve the above issues of conventional games. With the increasing popularity of web3 games, the need for an experienced web3 game development company also emerged. 

To suffice the demands of the growing gaming industry, Blocktech Brew comes 

How Web3 Gaming Transforms The Traditional Gaming Infrastructure?

Web3 games powered with blockchain and NFTs are transforming the gaming sector forever. 

Here are some ways web3 games are adding value to our gaming experience.

Asset Ownership

In web3 games, you can own the game assets as NFTs. The non-fungible tokens representing the game assets will give you undisputed ownership rights. 

These assets could include weapons, magic potions, skins, accessories, pets and more. 

In fact, you also own the game rewards and tokens just like the assets. In web3 games, you get rewards in form of tokens or valuable NFTs. These tokens have real world value.

What is more amazing?

You can anytime sell the game assets and tokens in the marketplaces to earn real money. 

Therefore, your time and money invested into the game are well rewarded.


We all know how we wasted all our money on buying expensive assets for one game. But when we moved to another game, all those assets and money spent were useless.

But that’s not the case with web3 games.

Unlike traditional games, you can move your game assets like pets, weapons, tanks,daggers, skins and characters across multiple gaming platforms.

Web3 games offer true interoperability for the seamless and smooth sharing of data and assets across various gaming platforms.


As web3 games are decentralized, meaning there is no central authority controlling the gaming platform. All the data are stored in an immutable distributed ledger. Moreover, the platform is run by the players via the DAO mechanism. 

Therefore, gaming platforms have an unmatched level of transparency. No decision is taken in shadows without the consent of players. Players vote to approve all the small and big changes on the platform.

Further, the players’ data are safe on the tamper-proof blockchain which is accessible to all.

Earning Gaming Modules

Traditional games were based on a buy-to-play module. You had to buy assets to complete missions and level up your game. Moreover, if you wanted to quit the game all your investment in form of money and time goes in vain.

However, this is not the case with the web3 games. Here you can buy and sell games assets, rewards and tokens in marketplaces for real money. 

Some web3 gaming platforms have their own marketplaces or you can even trade the game assets on third party marketplaces. if you wish to quit any game, you can sell all your game tokens and assets and make a good profit from it.

Therefore, web3 games are based on a play-to-earn gaming module which is player-centric. Web3 games give you the chance to monetize your gaming experience.

These days you even have move-to-earn and walk-to-earn gaming modules. 

Democratic Gaming System

Blockchain has decentralized the gaming sector through NFTs, metaverse, smart contracts and DAO. One of the main benefits of web3 games is that platform owners, managers or developers are not the ones in control.

Instead, the players and token holders of the platform have equal say in the governance of the gaming platform. They get to vote on the crucial decisions of the gaming platform making the entire system democratic.

What is Gaming DAO?

Gaming DAOs operate as gaming platforms that utilize open-source code and operate independently of gaming administrators or operators. Their focus is on fostering a player-centric gaming ecosystem that relies on community participation.

One of the unique features of Gaming DAOs is their ability to redistribute ownership of a game across multiple gaming ecosystems, encompassing players, game developers, investors, and traders.

Gaming DAOs have revolutionized Web3 gaming by introducing play-to-earn mechanisms that compensate players for their participation and success in a game. This is a departure from traditional gaming models, which typically provide only one-sided value exchange to game administrators or operators.

In the context of Gaming DAOs, play-to-earn benefits both players and game developers, powering the gaming economy and rewarding players for their skills.

Web3 Gaming Tech Stack 

Blocktech Brew | What Is Web3 Gaming?

The demand for web3 game development is on hike nowadays. Though web3 game development is not difficult, it requires precision, creativity and a high level of technical expertise. 

Get advanced web3 game development services from the experts. Only seasoned and skilled developers know how to use web3 technologies the right way to build web3 games that are thrilling and keep the players coming back for more.

Are you ready to take your gaming experience to the next level? Look no further than our suite of web3 game development services designed to revolutionize the world of Web3 gaming.

Smart Contracts

Ensuring Security and Functionality 

Smart contracts help you to automate and regulate the terms and codes of your gaming platform. It is beneficial in the proper functioning of DAOs, ensuring that everything on the platform goes according to the rules of the DAO.

As these are immutable digital contracts, no one can hack or alter the terms once the contract is final. Thus, smart contracts enhance the security of gaming platforms. 

Decentralized Gaming Platform

Powering Autonomy and Interoperability 

Building a decentralized gaming platform gives players more freedom and control over their assets and gaming experience.

Decentralization eliminates the middlemen and central authority bringing more transparency, trust and security to the gaming platform. Moreover, a decentralized gaming platform will also facilitate interoperability which is the key feature of web3 games.

Gaming dApps

Creating Innovative and Interoperable Marketplaces 

A robust and dynamic gaming dApp will help you attract players worldwide. Moreover, you should also integrate your gaming dApp with asset marketplaces to enable players to seamlessly trade assets.

A user-friendly gaming dApp with the latest features will build a gaming economy that rewards players for their skills and contributions.

Gaming NFT Marketplaces

Unlocking New Possibilities for Gaming Economies 

Gaming NFT marketplaces offer a wide range of possibilities for gamers, developers, and investors alike. By leveraging the power of blockchain, marketplaces enable the exchange of gaming assets and currencies securely and transparently.

Marketplaces unlock new revenue streams for game developers and offer players new ways to earn by trading gaming assets.

3D Gaming Spaces

Immersive and Scalable Environments 

Offer a rich and dynamic gaming environment to players with a robust and highly scalable 3D metaverse gaming platform.

Metaverse gaming platform enables players to interact and play in a hyper realistic virtual environment. Further, the metaverse teleports the players into an immersive virtual world with 3D avatars and gaming elements. 

How Blocktech Brew Can Help You In Web3 Game Development?

Did you know that there are over 73 million web3 gamers who use either Roblox or Fortnite?

Web3 games have transformed the gaming sector by integrating blockchain, NFTs and smart contracts. Moreover, with the rise of metaverse games and AR/VR games, web3 is offering an immersive gaming experience like never before.

It is not only about decentralising the games and offering a one-of-kind experience, but web3 games are establishing a financial ecosystem for games. Web3 games are empowering players with player-centric gaming modules, a high level of transparency and security.

Looking to build web3 games with excites and engage players in creative ways?

Contact our experts to discuss your gaming project requirements. We are just a call away to help you turn your web3 game fantasy into a full fledge game.

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Blocktech Brew | What Is Web3 Gaming?
Blocktech Brew | What Is Web3 Gaming?
Blocktech Brew | What Is Web3 Gaming?
Blocktech Brew | What Is Web3 Gaming?
Blocktech Brew | What Is Web3 Gaming?
Blocktech Brew | What Is Web3 Gaming?
Blocktech Brew | What Is Web3 Gaming?
Blocktech Brew | What Is Web3 Gaming?
Blocktech Brew | What Is Web3 Gaming?
Blocktech Brew | What Is Web3 Gaming?
Blocktech Brew | What Is Web3 Gaming?
Blocktech Brew | What Is Web3 Gaming?
Blocktech Brew | What Is Web3 Gaming?
Blocktech Brew | What Is Web3 Gaming?
Blocktech Brew | What Is Web3 Gaming?
Blocktech Brew | What Is Web3 Gaming?
Blocktech Brew | What Is Web3 Gaming?
Blocktech Brew | What Is Web3 Gaming?
Blocktech Brew | What Is Web3 Gaming?
Blocktech Brew | What Is Web3 Gaming?
Blocktech Brew | What Is Web3 Gaming?
Blocktech Brew | What Is Web3 Gaming?
Blocktech Brew | What Is Web3 Gaming?
Blocktech Brew | What Is Web3 Gaming?
Blocktech Brew | What Is Web3 Gaming?
Blocktech Brew | What Is Web3 Gaming?
Blocktech Brew | What Is Web3 Gaming?
Blocktech Brew | What Is Web3 Gaming?
Blocktech Brew | What Is Web3 Gaming?
Blocktech Brew | What Is Web3 Gaming?
Blocktech Brew | What Is Web3 Gaming?
Blocktech Brew | What Is Web3 Gaming?
Blocktech Brew | What Is Web3 Gaming?
Blocktech Brew | What Is Web3 Gaming?
Blocktech Brew | What Is Web3 Gaming?
Blocktech Brew | What Is Web3 Gaming?
Blocktech Brew | What Is Web3 Gaming?

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