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Metaverse Development Services

Metaverse NFT
Development Services

Our Metaverse NFT development solutions are targeted at revolutionizing the metaverse with non-fungible tokens.

Metaverse Decentralized
Platform Development

We will build a robust metaverse decentralized platform embedded with interactive UX/UI design, smart contracts, high-level security and latest features.

Metaverse Application

We leverage the power of 3D gaming engines to build blockchain-based metaverse apps for an enhanced gaming experience.

Rent A

Get commercial spaces to art galleries, family homes, and hangout spots at premium locations in the metaverse platforms.

3D Space

Our developers are experts in building immersive, engaging 3D spaces that mirror the real life elements and experiences.

Social Media

We are here to build social media metaverse platforms for tightly knitted communities providing them with real-life socializing experiences.


We create hyper realistic 3D avatars which can be used for gaming, concerts, meetings and other events on the metaverse.

Metaverse For

We help businesses to create a theme-based metaverse where companies can rent spaces to market products and attract their customers.

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Leveraging Blockchain Technology To Create High-End Metaverse Ecosystems

We integrate blockchain based solutions within the virtual ecosystem of Metaverse to enable users to access NFTs, digital assets products, collectibles, game rewards and much more with crypto based payment systems.

Blockchain Development


Our developers use blockchain technology to facilitate interoperability, assets ownership and security through blockchain based decentralized platforms and NFTs that push forward the economy in the Metaverse.

Blockchain Development

Crypto Monetary

We incorporate in-built blockchain powered monetary solutions to facilitate seamless trading and storage of major cryptocurrencies in the Metaverse where crypto transactions are tracked via secure node-monitoring dashboards.

Blockchain Development


We are experts in designing and developing metaverse gaming platforms offering gamers with immersive virtual experiences and flexibility to create content, own assets, get rewards and even develop their own games within the platform.

Blockchain Development

Social Gaming

Our developers are experienced in integrating both single player and multi player gaming options within the metaverse gaming platform. Our social gaming platform solutions allows players to invite and interact with real-world people on the platform.

Blockchain Development

Gaming Module

We help gamers monetize their gaming experience by integrating play-to-earn models where players can sell their rewards tokens, NFTs and other in-game assets in exchange for cryptocurrencies on marketplaces.

Blockchain Development

Multiple Payment

Our team incorporates in-built multiple payment gateways to ensure seamless digital currency exchanges and transactions on the Metaverse platform.

Building Enticing Customized Metaverse Gaming Platforms

At Blocktech Brew, our developers design, develop and deploy interactive metaverse gaming platforms for you to explore lucrative business opportunities in highly immersive virtual metaverse ecosystems.

Blockchain Development

We use VR and AR tools to build 3D environments where people can seamlessly interact with virtual objects.

Blockchain Development

Our developers use IoT technologies to build a user-friendly virtual environment where users can create and customize their avatars and other content.

Blockchain Development

Our customized metaverse gaming platform offers mixed reality experience to the players with a fully functional virtual interoperable gaming world and NFT trading platform.

Blockchain Development

AI and Machine Learning technologies help us to bridge the gap between the real and virtual world along with enhancing our experiences and communication in the virtual world.

Blockchain Development

We employ advanced 3D mapping and modelling techniques to offer high quality and detailed 3D graphics and virtual replicas of buildings, landscapes, cities, factories and others.

Features That Make Our
Metaverse Platforms Successful

Full-stack programming

We are proficient in programming language standards such as JavaScript, HTML, WebAssembly, WebXR, WebGPU Shader Language, and others that assists us in front end and back end development.

Decentralized Network

We use the best hosting solutions like Microsoft Azure to host your metaverse platform on a decentralized network of computers for decentralized data transmissions, real time interactions and operations.


Our developers use interoperable media standards to support 3D elements, applications, 3D sequences, 3D scenes, and 3D items ensuring the smooth functioning of your metaverse platform.

Crypto Wallet

We integrate the metaverse platforms with crypto wallets and payment gateways to facilitate seamless crypto transactions and exchanges combining the data from decentralized exchange aggregators, DEXs, and market makers.

Smart Contract

We ensure permissionless, transparent and automated payment transactions within the metaverse environment with pre-coded smart contracts for enhanced efficiency and security of the metaverse platforms.

Maintenance & Upgrades

Blocktech Brew provides credible maintenance and upgrades with zero downtime to ensure that your metaverse platforms, codes, software and smart contracts are working in sync without any lags or errors.

Our Metaverse
App Development Services For Enterprises

We help realize the potential of metaverse across various industries with our enterprise-grade metaverse development solutions.


Metaverse For Fashion

We help fashion houses build their virtual stores and create virtual collections on the metaverse to expedite their metaverse journey.


Metaverse For Real Estate

Our developers meticulously curate metaverse platforms exclusively for real estate loaded with tools to trade NFT lands, develop properties and much more.


Metaverse For Tourism

Offer enhanced virtual travel experience to people with highly engaging and advanced metaverse focusing on top tourist destinations or a single world beauty.


Virtual World

Our developers have hands-on experience in building attractive, highly functional and secure virtual worlds for gaming, sports, NFTs, fashion, real estate, e-commerce and other sectors.


Metaverse for E-commerce

We develop metaverse platforms exclusively for e-commerce and retail sectors to for distribution and trade of virtual goods in forms of NFTs for metaverse shoppers.


Metaverse for Casino

We are experts in developing custom metaverse casino gaming platforms to offer players their favourite set of games like blackjack, poker, craps and others using cryptocurrencies.


Metaverse for Education

We are here to revolutionize the education system by creating education-centric metaverse platforms where students and teachers can smoothly interact with each other.


Metaverse Game Development

Our developers are qualified in developing high-tech metaverse gaming platforms fortified with engaging playability, impressive 3D virtual environments and an integrated play-to-earn model.

Create Next-Gen Metaverse
Experience For Your Business

Collaborate with us to get a stronghold in the market with our world-class metaverse development services.

  • Immersive 3D Virtual Space
    3D Virtual Space
  • Revolutionising Business Sectors
    Business Sectors
  • Interactive Real-Life Experiences
    Interactive Real-
    Life Experiences
  • Interoperability Between Virtual Worlds
    Interoperability Between
    Virtual Worlds
  • Enhanced Virtual Communications
    Enhanced Virtual
  • 100% Decentralization
  • Top-Notch Security
  • Smooth Interaction Between Real & Virtual Worlds
    Smooth Interaction Between
    Real & Virtual Worlds

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Metaverse Development Services

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Metaverse Development Tech Stack

At Blocktech Brew, we use the following technology stack to build an immersive and functional metaverse platform

  • Lg-1 Sandbox
  • Lg-2 decentraland
  • Lg-3 meta
  • Lg-4 hyperverse
  • Lg-5 star atlas
  • Lg-6 metahero
  • Lg-7 nakamoto
  • game-1 Unity
  • game-2 Nakamoto
  • Lg-1 solidity
  • Lg-2 python
  • Lg-3 python
  • Lg-4 rust
  • Lg-5 C++
  • Lg-1 Node JS
  • Lg-2 React JS
  • Lg-3 Next JS
  • Lg-4 Ethers.JS
  • Lg-5 Web3
  • Lg-1 Truffle
  • Lg-2 openzippline
  • Lg-3 Chainlink
  • Lg-4 Hard Hat
  • Lg-5 Metamask

Why Choose us?

Helping you venture into the new era of 3D virtual worlds.

We are proficient in building sophisticated and visually interactive metaverse applications and platforms embedded with the
latest features, blockchain attributes, transparency and automation for world-class performance.

As a top-tier metaverse development company, we offer services like metaverse app development, metaverse platform
development, metaverse NFTs and metaverse game development.

  • Core team of
    blockchain experts

  • Extensive metaverse
    knowledge & experience

  • Access to the latest
    technologies & resources

  • Customized
    metaverse solutions

  • High-end

  • Business-focused

  • Budget-friendly

  • Profound

  • Agile development

  • On-time

  • Credible

Frequently Asked Questions

What is metaverse?

Metaverse is a 3D virtual world that offers real-life experiences to users. It is a virtual world where you can work, shop, socialize, attend parties, play games, enjoy concerts and even buy real estate properties.

How can I build my own metaverse platform?

We can help you design, build and launch your own metaverse platform. Talk to our experts today.

How do I start my own metaverse gaming platform?

We will help you build and launch a high revenue-generating metaverse gaming platform. Get in touch with our experts today to discuss your project ideas.

Which are the most compatible blockchain for metaverse development?

Ethereum and Solana are the most preferred blockchain networks which are widely used for metaverse development.

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