June 5, 2023

Enter the Metaverse Event Management Platform with Virtual Avatars

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Are you struggling to increase participation & engagement in your seminars? 

Are you facing low attendance at your events? 

Do you feel your seminars and exhibitions are not gaining traction?

Are your users not showing up in your brand events?

These could be signs that your events are outdated. They probably need a revamping. 

Transform your events with the metaverse.

How can Metaverse help make my events successful?

Firstly, you can launch a virtual event in the 3D virtual environment. 

Secondly, you can increase user participation by offering immersive experiences. 

Thirdly, you can overcome physical boundaries and target a global audience.

The benefits of metaverse events do not stop here. 

You can boost your brand engagement and attract more users. Moreover, you can even maximize your revenue with metaverse events platform revenue models.

What more benefits does the metaverse events platform offer? How will it support my business growth?

To know more about the metaverse events platform, keep reading.

What is the Metaverse Events Platform?

A few years back, we were happily settled with video calls and Zoom meetings. People used to excitedly register for seminars, webinars, and expos. Moreover, we enjoyed going to exhibitions, museums, and cultural tours.

Fast forward to life after covid pandemic. What did the pandemic teach us? How did it change our lives?

  • Firstly, we realized that we were lacking in our communication mediums. 
  • Secondly, we accepted that our technology needs an upgrade.
  • Thirdly, we started to explore and find advanced ways of virtual communication.

It was during the time of the pandemic that the metaverse market bloomed. Last year the metaverse market value was $100 billion. Further, the experts believe that it will reach $1527 billion by 2029.

Metaverse gaming platforms are already popular. Fashion brands, automobile companies and FMCG brands have entered the metaverse. Even the artists, musicians and other creators are in the metaverse.

Now it’s time for the events management companies to grab the metaverse opportunity.

Why do you need virtual events when you can do it in the real world?

  • Physical events have become outdated.
  • People are no more interested in hours of speeches in seminars.
  • Physical events are localized.
  • You cannot target a global audience with physical events.
  • It is hectic for people to travel just for events.
  • Conventional events are no longer attractive to the new generation.
  • Physical events do not offer unique experiences.

On the other hand, in virtual events, you get:

  • Immersive experiences
  • Opportunity to connect with a global audience
  • A better understanding of seminar topics in a 3D environment
  • Live streaming
  • Watch event recording
  • Join events virtually from anywhere

The benefits of virtual events are limitless for both organisers and users. We will discuss it in detail in the blog later.

But one question still remains unsolved. 

How do you experience the events in a virtual world? Will it be similar to physical events? 

You can join virtual events and get the feel of attending real life events. It is possible through virtual avatars. 

What are virtual avatars?

These are animated characters in the virtual world. You can control your virtual avatar with VR & AR tools. Moreover, you can pick up a character and customize it as you like. 

Why Should Businesses Host Metaverse Events?

Before we discuss why you should host metaverse events, hold no!

First, let’s set your business priorities right. 

What are your targets? How do you define your business goals?

As a business you need:

  • Efficient Brand engagement
  • Great Customer experience
  • Global networking
  • Multiple revenue streams
  • Lucrative ways to attract target audience
  • Drive more leads
  • Share company vision
  • Create a loyal customer base

If you are struggling to achieve all these, try metaverse events.

Here are some reasons why you should invest in metaverse events platform development.

Unique Experiences

With metaverse events, you can offer immersive experiences to your users. 

  • Showcase your products in a 3D environment
  • Share your company’s vision with advanced visuals and graphics
  • Encourage brand engagement with interactive activities 

It will help you promote your products in a creative way. Moreover, it will boost your brand engagement and build community.

Advanced Insights & Metrics

Now you can make your meetings more effective with metaverse. The virtual world offers advanced data tools and metrics. 

With the help of data tools, you can:

  • Present your ideas better
  • Run 3D video presentations for your clients
  • Convince your clients in a more effective way

The metrics tools help you to:

  • Add significant industry data to your presentation
  • Gather meeting insights
  • Analyse business data efficiently
  • Calculate business metrics 

Therefore, virtual meetings enable you to connect to global clients. Most importantly, you can present your business idea, products and services in an interactive environment. Along with it, you can easily convince your customers and clients to invest in your brand.


Let’s consider the situation. 

You have spent hundreds of dollars to organize a business event. However, as the registration deadline nears, you do not see much response. Besides, on the event day, half of the registered users did not show up. In addition to this, some of your panel guests also could not make it to the event.

As a result, your event was a complete failure. And what did you lose?

You lost:

  • Investment
  • Brand image
  • Customers
  • Business expansion opportunities

Now what if I say you could have avoided all these by organizing metaverse events?

Metaverse events are accessible. Anyone from anywhere can join the event virtually. All they need is a good internet connection. AR & VR tools are a plus.

Cost Effective

One of the biggest advantages of metaverse events is its cost effectiveness. 

You can organize a metaverse event for 1/4th of what you spend on a physical event.

Moreover, there are no hassles. You don’t need security from police, crowd management, or food and beverages. Further, you don’t even have to book open spaces, halls or auditoriums. 

Everything happens virtually on the metaverse. All you need is a good metaverse event platform development company.

Global Networking

With metaverse events, you can break all boundaries. There are no physical boundaries in the metaverse events. 

Users from across the world can join your event. 

More Business Opportunity & High ROI

With global networking, you can explore more opportunities to expand your business. 

You can get potential customers, investors and sponsors from all over the world. Thus, increasing your business value and revenue.

Key Features Of the Metaverse Events Platform

Key features of our metaverse events platform are:

Create Profile

Users can create a profile and provide basic details like name, date of birth, and email.

Social Media Integration

Users can quickly register with the platform and share event information on their social media accounts.

Event Registration

Users can easily sign up for virtual events by registering through the platform.

Event Page Creation

Hosts can create event pages to display event descriptions, dates, times, and other relevant information.

Create Event

Hosts can effortlessly organize virtual events, send invitations, and create event schedules.

Multi-Window Option

Hosts can enable multiple speakers to share their perspectives simultaneously with attendees.

Multiple Payment Options

Users have the flexibility to pay for event registration fees using credit cards, PayPal, or debit cards.

In-App Chat

Users can engage in live chats with speakers and share valuable insights during the event.

Storage & Recording

Virtual events can be recorded and stored online, allowing users to access and view them at any time.

Video Streaming

Speakers can stream videos by connecting their cameras and microphones to the platform.

Private Chat Rooms

Businesses can host private meetings, and training sessions, and initiate one-on-one conversations for enhanced workplace collaboration.

Reporting & Analysis

Event organizers can access reports on attendee numbers, total ticket sales, and other relevant statistics.

Feedback System

Users can provide valuable feedback about the event and offer suggestions for improvement to the host.

Explore Various Types Of Virtual Events

Webinars: Unlocking Immersive Learning

Experience attention-grabbing webinars in the metaverse.

Here AR and VR technologies transport attendees to a captivating 3D virtual environment. 

Active participation and better understanding are guaranteed!

Virtual Seminars: Unleashing Knowledge in the Metaverse

Step into informative seminars set in a 3D metaverse, enabling attendees to grasp concepts with greater ease. 

Break the barriers of physical locations and attract a global audience to your seminar, boosting participation and engagement.

Virtual Conferences: Breaking Boundaries, Building Connections

Say goodbye to limitations! 

Metaverse conferences offer an enhanced experience while eliminating geographical boundaries. 

Attend and contribute to conferences from anywhere in the world, fostering global collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Virtual Trade Fairs: Unveiling Possibilities in the Metaverse

Showcase your products and services like never before in virtual trade fairs in an interactive 3D environment. 

Seamlessly connect with a global audience, opening doors to new business opportunities and igniting innovation.

Virtual Exhibitions: Journey of Discovery in the Metaverse

Embark on exciting explorations without leaving your seat! 

Metaverse exhibitions invite you to discover fascinating realms and learn from captivating displays. 

Travel through virtual spaces and expand your horizons effortlessly.

How Much Does It Cost To Build a Metaverse Events Platform?

The cost of metaverse events platform development depends on:

  • Platform features
  • Platform functions
  • Complexity
  • Third party integrations
  • Additional customizations
  • Team size
  • Tech stack used
  • Maintenance & support services

If you need an average range, it will cost you $30k to $40k to build a metaverse event platform.

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