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We help you enter the crypto world with a high-performing, secure, reliable, & effective
cryptocurrency exchange platform like Coinbase.








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Why Create A Crypto
Exchange Like Coinbase?

Building a user-to-admin cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase help attract huge user base & witness a massive growth in your crypto venture.

Build Coinbase Clone


Build a highly encrypted, secure & stable platform to buy, sell, or trade-in cryptos.


Allow your users to trade any listed crypto to fiat currency or crypto to crypto.


Offer both centralized & decentralized operations through your Coinbase clone to the users.


Get a unique interface & various trading options to help users make correct financial decisions.


Generate high revenue for your your Coinbase clone through multiple streams.

Ready to Launch A Cryptocurrency
Exchange Platform Like Coinbase?

Deploying cutting-edge technologies, Block Brew serves to be a one-stop platform to
create Coinbase Clone.

How Your Coinbase Clone Works?

At Block Brew, we help you build cryptoexchange platform like Coinbase that offers high liquidity
& seamless investment.

The users need to register their account with email address or phone number.
Uses need to link their bank account or credit/debit cards with their account.
Get a successful KYC verification done to deposit & withdraw cryptocurrencies.
Users can buy & sell cryptocurrencies instantly and it reflects in their wallet account.

Build Coinbase Clone With All
The Latest Features

Being a leading Blockchain app development company, we offer a solution loaded
with advanced features to launch crypto exchange platform like Coinbase.

Instant Exchange Features

Allow users to exchange fiat to cryptocurrency & vice versa instantly without any limitations.

Interactive Interface

Launch Coinbase clone with an attractive interface to make trading easy and effective for traders.

Multiple Coin Support

Platform we build supports multiple types of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

Match Engine & Trade engine

Leverage an exceptional matching engine to help users engage with the best matching trade.

Fiat Currency Support

Build Coinbase clone that supports all the major fiat currencies like USD, Euro, Yen, etc.

Multi-lingual Assistance

Compete with the global platforms & attract worldwide traders with multiple language frameworks.

Communication Channels

Get in-app chat features to facilitate rraders, both buyers and sellers, with easy communication.

Transaction History

Let users view the detailed history of all the cryptocurrency transactions made on your Coinbase Clone.

Smart Contract Management

Advanced & effective smart contract management to automate transaction verification process.

Excusive Security Features To Build
Your Coinbase Clone

We provide a wide range of security features to keep your crypto exchange platform like
Coinbase safe from fraudulent activities.

Private Key Cryptography

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Protection

Anti-DDOS Security

Secured Content Management System

Two-Factor Authentication

SSL Encryption

Lock Registry

SQL Injection Prevention

Https Authentication

Anti-Phishing Software

Choose Block Brew To Launch Your Coinbase Clone
& Offer The Best-Ever Cryptocurrency Trading Experience

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Holistic Approach To Build
Your Coinbase Clone

Crypto exchange platform like Coinbase we create is fortified with an end-to-end process.

STEP1Idea Validation

Gather your business requirements & analyze the current crypto market to validate your project idea.


Create an interactive dashboard for seamless trading, using our vast experience in crypto world.


Develop a fully functional crypto exchange platform like Coinbase using cutting-edge technologies.


Perform rigorous testing and performance analysis to check the quality of your Coinbase Clone. Deployment

Why Choose Block Brew To Build
Coinbase Clone?

We help you build 100% customized Coinbase clone which turns out to be an easy-to-use,
intuitive cryptocurrency exchange platform.



24/7 Dedicated Support

100% Customization

Launch A Highly Secured Coinbase
Clone To Grab The Potential User Base

Build Coinbase Clone

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Launch Exchange Platform Like Coinbase?

It is hard to predict the exact cost for Coinbase clone development without knowing your exact requirements. It will be based on the business-specific needs & the trading features you want in the trading platform. Let’s discuss now.

Why Should You Start Your Crypto Business With A Coinbase Clone?

Launching a Coinbase clone you can offer users long list of features like instant exchange features, stunning interface, match engine and trade engine, real-time updates, etc. It will help attract more users and make more profits.

How Much Time Will It Take To Create My Coinbase Clone?

With Blocktech Brew, it would take 70% less time than it takes anywhere else. Reason being- we have a vast experience & expertise in building crypto exchange. Hence, we know what it takes to build a Coinbase clone.

What Coins Does The Coinbase Clone Support?

The crypto exchange platform like Coinbase we build offer flexibility to trade using multiple virtual currencies.

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