Zed Run Clone Platform Development

Our Zed Run Clone platform is a full-proof NFT-based digital horse racing game. This blockchain technology-driven NFT game is a 100% customizable solution welcoming your unique ideas. We design our Zed Run Clone development process in such a way that it helps you display the digital collectibles in the shape of horses.

Our fully-customizable Zed Run Clone solution lets the users enjoy playing digital horse racing. The users can purchase digital horses using crypto-wallets. Furthermore, the winning horses get a certain amount as a reward.

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Various Components Of Digital Horse Racing
Platforms Like Zed Run Clone

Experience The Vast Scope & Functionalities Of Zed Run Clone With Its Multiple Components.


The multiple attributes involved are to enlist the digital horses available for play, the stocks they refer to, the breed of horses, and other details.


This one is an integral part of NFT platform components. It lets the investors view different horse breeds and buy in-game assets to kickstart horse racing.


Users pay for breeding the preferred horse as a player. The users get the liberty to create a new horse by blending two breeds. For this, the user pays via crypto wallet.


As soon as the horses are bred, the race begins. The racing game is classified on different levels making it a truly fun ride for crypto users to earn digital money.

A Major Highlight Of Our Zed Run
Clone Solution - Zed Run Clone Wallet

Zed Run Clone wallet is a source to purchase horses with different breeds. The user can buy racehorses without paying the standard transaction fee. The most common types of Zed Run Clone wallets used in this process include - email or Metamask wallets.

We have integrated a platform to combine ETH balance with overall Zed Run wallet balance to ensure faster and quicker transactions. This way the transactions are fulfilled via ETH balance directly.

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Craft A Digital World Of Racing Horses To
Win Crypto Rewards

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How Does Zed Run
Clone Works?

Zed Run Clone Is An NFT Gaming Marketplace With
Some Premium Functionalities.

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Developing a stable for racing horses
Initiating the horse race
Creating new racehorse legacies by blending two or more horse breeds
Registering your account for different horse racing levels
Setting up a horse stable with different horse stocks
Buying different horses for the horse race league
Completing transactions using the NFT marketplace wallet linked with the account.

The Untold Leverages Of Zed Run Clone

Game Play

A never-ending game run platform

Engaging Platform

Comes with a pass-time mode

Get Rewarded

Earn rewards and get them reflected in your wallet

View Listing

Explore 38000+ horses listed on the platform

Gaming Elements

Enjoy exploring well-structured game components

Digital Sale

View & buy from 800+ horses put on sale.

Our Zed Run Clone Solution Development Process

We believe in maintaining 100% operational transparency to develop your trust within us. Therefore, we disclose our workflow at first.

01Ideation Stage

We value intuitive ideas. Therefore, we welcome your product ideation before representing our thoughts. Further, this takes us to the custom-development stage discussing your purpose and budget in detail.

02Defining Duties

We assign the operational responsibilities based on our teams’ abilities and skillsets. This stage decides the interfaces, integrations, and functionalities required in the final solution. Further, execution begins right after task assignment.

03Smart Contract

As our aim is to deliver a full-proof solution, we ensure to intact it with well-analyzed smart contracts that evaluate the execution part automatically. Plus, smart contract development helps to authenticate the transaction flow.

04Solution Testing

Once the development part reflects all functionalities embedded in the solution, the next part is to test the product for any bugs. This stage runs multiple quality checks helping you optimize and better analyze the final product.


Now the Opensea clone NFT marketplace is all set to launch and made readily available to use for your end-users. From here onwards, our team aligns with you to deliver post-product delivery services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Zed Run Clone?

It is a ready-to-use solution based on the horse racing NFT marketplace. The platform is somewhat similar to a well-recognized platform named Zed Run. The platform is integrated with crypto wallets to buy horses and mix horse breeds, as required.

Can I List The Horses From Zed Run To Other NFT
Marketplaces Like Rarible or Opensea?

Yes, it’s possible to buy the racing horses from Zed Run Clone and list them in any other third-party NFT marketplace including Rarible, Opensea, and much more.

Does Zed Run Offer to Choose From Different Breeds and Types of Horses?

Yes, the platform offers to view the horse listings and choose from different types of horses listed. Also, Zed Run Clone offers to mix two or more horse breeds to get a desirable player for the digital race.

Is This Platform Safe To Develop And Join?

The platform is fully secured to design, develop and join to experience digital horse racing games. It is secured with smart contracts storing all crucial information including - genotype, horse gender, previous statistics, and much more. Plus, the race statistics are tracked and monitored using ZT ERC 721 and Ethereum blockchain parameters.

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